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1/2/2006 11:24 pm

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Thinking about Russ

Meyer's films are some mixture of Li'l Abner and 40s documentaries (complete with male voice-over that I hate so much). They are of course parodies of documentary, particularly Beneath The Valley of The Ultra-Vixens, or the ending of Up! (probably as outrageous as Meyer gets). I'm interested in Blacksnake, which I haven't seen.

It's not enough to mimic the style. Or the substance. I'm so temperamentally different from Meyer we might as well be from different planets. What do I like in his work, then?

Fast editing/montage--unusual and personal.

Eye candy--the women are always nice to look at.

The satire (Al Capp, again).

Women pull all the strings, and the men are under thumb, for a change. The one drawback/limitation here is that they control everything through their sexuality, rather than anything else. I'm not saying that isn't valid; it is, but it's not my preference.

Problem: the softcore border. Obviously Meyer avoided hardcore pornography. Even though he gave his own films a self-imposed X rating (probably a sensible thing, in retrospect), his work is much more about tease and please than it is a Deep Throat fucky sucky. Can an American film even attempt to deal with sex anymore? I doubt it. But having a bunch of busty women walking around talking about itching for sex all the time (power relationship) can't possibly work now. Not in my America. Another problem is that I'm not really that interested in portraying sex or human sexuality, either--at least not that way.

Nor am I interested in bad 60s rock and roll tracks.

So, to be Meyeresque, I'd have to retain the quick montage and cinematography, the throw-away dialogue, and the busty women. Or not? What would be indispensible? Have to work on that.

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