Back up to date...almost  

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1/2/2006 11:43 pm

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Back up to date...almost

Scripting this film is very hard. It's kept me away from blogging, but that's the trade-off. I was hoping the blog would make me more creative, and it probably will eventually, as I get back into the flow of it. But the holidays have pretty well extinguished any creativity. I remember Nathaniel Branden saying that the worst thing to happen to relationships between two people is that they both take on too many "social obligations." How true that is becomes obvious to me during the holiday season. But it's almost over, thank goodness, and I can finally get back to business.

I got a copy of Meyer's Blacksnake finally. It's PAL, region 2, but that never stops a technophile like me. I also watched "Cherry Harry & Raquel" again, which is still my favorite film of his, as well as "Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers", "Wild Gals of the Naked West," "Lorna" and his Pandora Peaks documentary thingumbob.

As much as I like Pandora personally--I've rarely met a woman so sweet and charming--the film is oddly unerotic. There's too much of Pandora for one, or rather not enough of her. She's always in a pose or performing for the camera, and sometimes I wish she'd just BE instead of ACT. The only exceptions are the shots of her weightlifting, but even those are artificial enough to be dull. It's amazing the difference between her and Tundi Horvath. Pandora's always "in character" or speaking through persona; Tundi's just who she is, and while it's more crude, it's also more honest and infinitely more appealing.

It's nevertheless very beautiful to watch. It still astounds me how very good a photographer Russ Meyer was. The colors and compositions are brilliant. I wish I could do that.

My New Year's resolutions are non-existent, as usual, but I think I'm going to resolve to watch everything of Russ Meyer's twice before February. And then force someone else to watch it, too, for the good of humankind, you know.

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