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6/6/2006 2:09 pm

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smooch smoochies smooch

And then there's Dasher121 (sighing and batting my eyes). What a complete hottie! For those of you who haven't been to his blog and read it! It's hilarious & incredibly entertaining..(he's the one I stole this game from).

OK - are my "predictions for you"

#1. The best place for you and I to make out...hmmmmmmm...that would definitely be ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET a nice futon..or my bed..or the shower...or on a blanket in the get the point.

#2. Underwear...well..I would have to say you strike me as a "boxer guy." Again...these would be far from ordinary boxers. For some reason i keep seeing you in a pair with Spongebob on them. (I can't help it if my psychic visions are mildly disturbing..i just tell it like it is ) Other than the crazy pineapple-dwelling would definitely have to have a red pair with lip prints all over them...and some superman ones. Oh...and we can't forget the silk ones.

#3. From reading your blog, i know you play pool pretty often. I can see you being one of those guys in the bar that no one expects to be any good. I like to call them "sneakers." Someone who actually drops the cue once in a while...someone who shoots with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Then again..because you love to prove people would of course mop the floor with them. Cutting, then banking..then playing defense when you have to..I'd say you probably with at least 8 out of 10 games. I'd be your partner...we could hustle people for money.

#4. in bed...I have this vision of you being very considerate....very good...and very considerate. Lots of kissing...lots of eye contact...lots of hands everywhere. OK...I have to stop thinking about this now...

#5. Ah yes...your porn name shall be Gary 'Nteedtopleez

#6. You and I... I think we would have the best tim at some kind of Amusement park. Whether it be Worlds or Oceans of Fun....we would have a friggin blast. From riding the really really tall and scary roller coasters, to getting completely soaked on water throwing baseballs at bowling pins to win a great big teddy eating cotton would be a good time. I'm scared to death of heights...but as long as you don't mind really loud screaming...we'll be alright.

#7. You're mowing the lawn one day (lol) when a HUGE stretch limo pulls up. Who gets out...Jimmy Buffet of course! Through the cloud of smoke..he tells you that after reading your blog..he has decided that you are entitled to your own "Margaritaville-like Empire." You can bring anyone you like...and you leave that afternoon. You tell your family and close friends that you want to take along, and you are whisked away to an island off the coast of Florida (it's hurricane proof of course). There, you see a HUGE mansion Jimmy has built for you and your friends...of course there are other houses from those that you need a bit more distance from. Upon entering the see every kind of food and drink you have ever desired...but that's not the best part. Heading downstairs you see rows and rown of that green goodness we all crave so much. It's a virtual hydrophonic heaven..and you will definitely not have to worry about Johnny Law out here! live happily ever a world of beautiful sunsets...sandy beaches..good music..and good friends....

Best wishes, cutie

dasher121 36M

6/18/2006 9:17 am

hahahah very nice! and no worries, Im terrified of heights also. Actually, Im really bad to take to an amusement park lol. I get real pale and swetty waiting in line and look like im about to feint. then once I get on my eyes are pretty much closed the whole time hahaha.

why do you have to live so far away? hahaha, thus is life i suppose,


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