first time part #2  

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5/24/2006 9:54 am

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first time part #2

OK - sorry - got caught up in work and life and crap. For those of you that still is the end to this story:

So, I'm sitting in my car...I've smoked all the pot...and am pissed cause I feel absolutely NO different. So, what the hell, i decide to walk back to my dorm, and try to find a party to go to. So, I stash everything back in a safe place, and start walking. This parking lot was on a big hill. So, I'm walking up the hill on the sidewalk that's lined with streetlights. I look over...and see my shadow. shadow is really really hunched forward. So, I stop..look at my shadow again...and start walking again...(the whole time keeping an eye on my shadow) and I'm walking all hunched forward again. Then, it hits me....I HAVE to walk like this while I'm going up the hill because I'm scared I'll fall backwards! At this point in time...THIS IS THE FUNNIEST DAMN THING IN THE WORLD!! I begin laughing...and laughing...and giggling...and laughing some more. I actually had to sit on the curb for a bit because i really was losing my balance. So...the giggles finally pass and I realize that it's about 11 pm and I'm sitting on a sidewalk of a parking lot on a college campus in the dark.'s definitely time to go back to my room. I keep walking...and laughing...and laughing. Those little dips in the sidewalk...yep..I had to jog down them and "climb" my way back out. It was all good till I got closer to my dorm. After a certain time at night they locked all the side doors, so you had to go in the front...which was right past the front desk...which is where the RA's sat and watched for "inebriated" people. It also happened to be right by the RD's apartment. So...I round this bend..hee hee...and as I'm walking up to the door I keep telling myself "you're ok, you're not high, just act normal, walk right past them." All i want to do is go back to my room and sleep...I was also getting a little hungry.

Just as I'm about to open the front door...who pushes it open for me? The RD (Resident Director). Yep...right there...huge man...must have been about 6'5" tall, about 250, solid muscle...bald head..used to play football. He was a great guy, but can be incredibly intimidating. He pushes the door open..and instead of moving out of the way so it can open so I can go in....I freeze...and the damn door ends up hitting me in the freaking face. (I have already admitted to being clumsy). But, the best part is, after it hits me (not really hard, it hit my foot first, so it was doing kind of the shaking thing) I look up at him, and he's got this look on his face like he doesn't know to laugh or ask if I'm ok. I bust out laughing...but I tried really hard not to..and I step back. He comes out & asks if I'm ok. I tell him (between laughing fits) that I'm fine, just tired. So, he tells me he was coming out to have a smoke & did I want to join him. That ended the laughter right there! I actually said "you maen cigarettes right?" He nodded with a very knowing smile on his face. He and I usually took smoke breaks together, so I was having a battle in my head.

one side: "Does he want me to stay out here while he calls the cops and has my car searched cause he can smell the wacky-weed on me?" "I'm going to jail...I'm going to jail and I'm gonna get kicked out of school, and my dad will find out, and I'll have to get rid of my dog and cat cause they don't let you have pets in jail, and I'm gonna die there."

other side: "He'll think it's strange if I don't sit down & have a cigarette with him, cause I usually do when I get home late."

So, I sit down & grab my cigs out of my purse. He sits next to me on the step and just as I have taken my smoke out of the pack...raised it to my lips and was just about to light it...he says "Don't you just hate it when you have to smoke alone?" I start coughing..blow my lighter out..and sputter out something that resembled an affirmative answer. Can't help it...but I start laughing..I try SO hard to keep it quiet so I'm doing the "silent laughing, chest shaking" thing. Finally, I shake my head...light the damn smoke and take a drag. I'm not sure what caused it, but it was the BEST feeling in the world. So my shoulders kind of slumper head went back a bit, and my eyes closed...and i have no idea why, but i said something like "yep...smoking alone need the buddy system." He looks at me & starts laughing. I open my eyes, and he's shaking his head..laughing at me. I ask him what was so funny..& he states.."all you newbies are the same." I ask him what he meant by that & he says "just get to your room, drink some water, eat some food, and go to sleep." So, I got up...stomped my cigarette out and said good night. I'm about to open the door when he asks me something about if I have any on me. I tell him no, and go up stairs.

So, I heave a HUGE sigh of relief as I'm walking up the stairs...but I'm starting to get really tired...and hungry. I make it back to my room, drop my coat and purse on the floor and walk over to the sink. My eyes are BEET red. i looked at them and kind of scared myself. Anyway, so I drank some water, ate a sandwich and went to bed. The last thing I remember was that I could feel where my tongue was touching my teeth, and that it was a freakinet thing I had ever felt in my life.

Yeah..kind of a boring ending...but, hey, my RD was cool.

dasher121 36M

5/24/2006 11:19 am

just goes to show you, pot heads come in all shapes, forms, and positions of authority!

the cops in my area used to pull the known pot heads over, search their car, take their shit, let them go, and go smoke the stash by the back lake.

cause you never know, great story, and i thought a fitting ending reminds me of my first few times...........back when i was 13! Wow, yeah thats a long time ago.....

Sweetpickles69 47F

5/25/2006 9:48 am

Thanks for the entertaining story! Yes, some people you'd least expect to be potheads, probably are!


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