My first time...  

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5/11/2006 12:32 pm

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My first time...

I am still captive in the I was reading through some of my old diaries...and I just have to tell this story.

It was my sophmore year in college. Coming from a small town, and having recently broken up with my high school sweetie...I was fascinated by a junior who lived in my dorm. He was (what I thought was) a "bad boy." He had a shaved head...drank..smoked..(both legal and illegal tobacco)..listened to heavy metal...had a goatee..wore alot of black..and was in a fight with someone about every weekend. He and his roommate lived in the room directly underneath my roommate and I.

**Just to prove how naieve I was, at my ripe old age of 20, Pat (we'll call him that) and his roommate were smoking pot one night. I remember I was sitting in my room by myself when this smell came up through the heating vents...and I could not figure out what it was! My roommate came back shortly after that, and I told her that someone must be burning ditches somehwere around there cause that was what I rememberd the smell from. She then laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and told me what it was. Of course I tried to play it off...but...yeah...I was pretty stupid to these things back then.**

So anyway...he had always offered it to me..I had always said no thanks. Until one night I just decided I wanted to try it. He was going to Omaha the next day & was gonna pick some up, so I gave him a 20 and told him to get some extra for me. He came back & we decided that we'd blaze it up that night & then head out to the club. So I get all pretty and wait and wait and wait....fianlly around 9:00 that night he shows up. We take my car out on some country road and pull off, open the sunroof, and he gets his pipe out. Shows me "how to do it" and then takes a hit & holds it out to me. So I take it...and after a couple attempts get it to the obligatory coughing, choking, gasping for air thing right afterwards. I coughed for a couple minutes and decided I wanted to try again...I'm not a good loser.
So finally...I get myself to be able to light it, inhale, and hold it in for a respectable amount of time. I took about three or four good hits off it....still didn't feel anything. He, however, said he was very very high and wanted to go. He had also told me not to worry...lots of people don't get high the first time they smoke. So, I was kind of disappointed, but wasn't really concerned with it. So...we went to the seperated..he was over 21, I was still a minor, so I couldn't be in the same areas as him.

I find a couple of my friends...we all start dancing..then a couple guys come up and start dancing with us. No big deal, they were nice, so we stay out on the floor for 4 or 5 songs..then I go to get some water...turn around...and see "Pat" shoving one of the guys I was dancing with. Yelling at him...I can't even remember what about...but just kind of freaking out on this kid. The whole time I'm trying to get through the crowd to them...I kept thinking...I thought pot was supposed to mellow you out? Anyway..I get over that time security was there & told him he had to leave. So, he sees me, tells security that he's there with me. So, they tell me I have to leave too. "Pat" grabs my arm and we walk out the door. By this time I was yelling at him. We got outside and he said he was going to another bar. Well...I was still a minor and couldn't get in and he basically said "tough shit" and started walking towards my car. After I informed him that he had just completely embarasse me, gotten me kicked out of the ONLY place in town I could go out in and now he has the nerve to ditch me to go to another bar, knowing I can't go, and want me to give him a ride? much I told him to kiss my in my car and headed towards the dorm.

Of course, by this time of night the parking lot was completely full, so I ended up having to park clear far far far away in BFE (where the freshmen have to park)((it still has gravel)). So, I'm sitting in my car...dreading the walk back to the was probably about half a mile...and I remember: Pat had left the bag of pot and his pipe in the glovebox. So, I figured...what the hell..i had paid for it, it was in my car...and because of him, I was going to be bored the rest of the night. The parking lot I was in was pretty deserted, so I decided to give it a go right there. Opened up the sunroof, turned the radio on...and tried really really hard to remember how to do it. So I take one...then five...empty it out...fill it back up...take two more...then five more...empty it out..fill it back up..ect ect ect. I looked down at the clock in my car & was really amazed that I had smoked pretty much all of the pot left in the baggie...and didn't feel anything. was all gone...I still didn't feel high...and I had to walk back to the damn dorm.

*******TO BE CONTINUED*****************

rm_nicealtitude 105M/105F

5/11/2006 1:48 pm

I can relate to shaky first times...But more importantly that plant looks ready to be harvested. nicealtitude

goldinboy2 59M

5/13/2006 6:11 am

LOL Collage days that was a while back for me but they haven't changed much.

dasher121 36M

5/23/2006 8:45 am

oh I so know where this one it going hahahaha, way to leave us hanging!

and hey! we arent ALL losers! hahaha


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