I can't think of a title...  

willudomeharder 39F
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2/10/2006 2:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I can't think of a title...

Did you ever wonder how there can be so many "grey areas?" When I was younger - everything was so black and white. Now that I'm a bit older (not that darn old - but just older than I used to be)I am beginning to realize that there are very few things that are for sure any more. For instance...I have always had a sneaking suspiscion that Tara Reid was a robot....now I'm not so sure....a robot couldn't be that dumb. i also used to believe that people who indulged in pre-=marital sex were sinners...and they were going straight to hell. Well..if that's true, I am sooooo headed for Hades. The truth is...sex feels good. Sex can reduce stress...release endorphins....and I think i cured a kink in my neck once. I'm not in a relationship right now, so I don't have anyone to answer to but myself. So....go me!

I am actually very excited for my "meeting." Besides the fact that I'm pretty sure I'll get laid (lol) it's like the first "bad" thing I've done. I've never taken a guy home from the bar...never let a guy take me home (without knowing them previously of course). And, I just LOVE the thought of a stranger and I meeting up... It sounds like something out of the Forum. Well, maybe not, but in my world...it's a pretty big deal.

Thank you SO much to all who replied. I really didn't think people would be interested. You are all very kind, and of course I'll let you know how it goes. Safety is, of course, a top priority - so I'm gonna tell one of my friends where I'm going & who's supposed to be there on the off-chance that he's a machete-wielding maniac....but I doubt that. Have a great weekend everybody!

SlungSpeltDrugs 57M
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2/11/2006 9:14 am

Sounds as if you are an the road to finding how wonderful life can be once you decide to live without the shackles of social restraints. I hope that the memories that you are creating will all be good.

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