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willudomeharder 39F
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5/25/2006 9:15 am

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6/8/2006 7:18 am

Blogging game #12,455,865.5

This sounded like so much fun..

So, after reading about this game in Dasher121 's and micahbiguns's blogs...I thought it sounded like fun. Of course, I had to change it up just a bit, but the concept is the same. (I also stole some of their questions...shhhhh!)

For the whole 5 people a week that read my blog (lol) please respond to this post...

As a reward, I'll tell you the following:

1. Where you and I should make out

2. What color/style of underwear you should be wearing

3. What type of pool player you are

4. How you are in the sack (wink) (wink)

5. What your porn name should be

6. Where you and I would have the most "fun"

and finally....

7. I'll tell you when one of your wildest dreams will come true! (But I get to make up the dream)

If you respond, please re-post this game in your own's really very very fun.

**"Willudomeharder" is not a lisenced psychic or fortuneteller. Please do not take any claims made by such party as actual fact or visions of future events. AdultFriendFinder takes no responsibility or liability for any claims made in the blog setting. Void sales where prohibited. All rights reserved.

mrgrimshade 44M

5/25/2006 1:34 pm

1. in your bar of course!
2. me? Just my usually boxer briefs...You Must wear a thong
3. Spotty...will run the table one game then only sink two the next
4. See #5
5. Snickers...always satisfies...and a nice King size feel...not super jumbo or regular
6. has the most strippers per person
7. Your dream of driving all the way home naked will come true after you visit! and I steal all your clothes hee hee


micahbiguns 50M

5/25/2006 2:00 pm

me first yeah

rm_ladeux3 45M/44F
16 posts
5/25/2006 5:06 pm

How would you like the response?

dasher121 36M

5/26/2006 5:51 am

hahaha love the disclaimer you put on the bottom, go for it!! lets see what your mind can create!

willudomeharder 39F
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5/26/2006 7:31 am

mrgrimshade Hmmmmmmm...... hello again sweetie!

Let's see...

1. We should definitely make out on top of the pool table at my bar. Has to stay over-the-clothes while on there though...after all you never know who could come in & shit like that hurts the felt! We'd have to be careful of the light and be sure to pocket all the balls first though...they cause bruises. We could make it work

2. Boxer briefs...yes I agree with that...however they will not be any ordinary boxer briefs. They will be He-Man boxer briefs with a great big picture of castle Greyskull on the crotch region. Once you have these on, you'll be undeniably compelled to stand in the midle of the living room and yell "I have the Power!" (or whatever it is that he says) He-Man always turned me on....something about how he grabbed that sword always sent shivers down my spine.

3. Hmmmmm....I'm usually a pretty good read on pool player personas. in this case, I think I'll have to agree with you on the "spotty" category. You seem like someone who has to get into the groove to really get the action going.

4. As far as how you would be in bed...I have no doubt that you would be snickers-o-riffic. You should know that I don't like the nougat...but I can be flexible. The non-jumbo-but-bigger-than-average stature makes for soooo many more possibilities than someone who is packing a Tolbelerone bar!

5. Your porn name shall be Ragin Bigwood

6. You and I would definitely tear it up in Topeka. I'm still a newbie to the strip club scene, so I would be depending on you to show me the ropes..but I think we would manage. You could get the lap dances and I'll just hand out the dollars

7. Finally...your dream of being the bunch of grapes in the "Fruit of the Looms" commercials will come ture when you hurt your foot crossing the street. You go the the emergency room, where the nurse sees your He-Man underwear has been ripped and suggests you change. You slip on the hospital style tightey-whities and are flexing in the mirror when the doctor walks in. After telling you that you only hurt your foot, and there really was no need for you to undress fully, she mentions that her husband is a casting agent, and she knows just the part you would be perfect for. You jump at the opportunity to get your fabulous mug out on TV. You show up, profess your undying love the the company and it's products and swear you'll never wear anything else (wink wink). You are cast in the part of the bunch of grapes and begin a long and happy career bouncing around in a big foam costume with other men in their underwear. (You don't have to wear them all the time though...I like a boxer-brief man myself).

Thanks for playing!

willudomeharder 39F
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5/26/2006 9:36 am

Welcome micahbiguns. I'm so flattered you visited!

OK - here we go....

1. You and I should definitely make out on a trampoline. One of the big round ones that you can roll around on would be the best. We'd have to be careful of static electricity and I'll have to remember to turn the sprinkler off first.

2. Your undies....hmmmmmmmmm....I would love to think you're a briefs man. However, your briefs aren't just any old undies. Oh no no no no....they're tie-dyed. Did you do that yourself? Are you a hippy? How many rubber bands did you use? Every time I tried to tie-dye something, it came out looking like a black hole and the second you washed it, it was crap. You must tell me your secret.

3. As far as your pool playing are probably what I like to call a ball basher. Every shot you take is hard and 90mph fast. While amazingly accurate about 90% of the time, sometimes the balls just bounce around in the pocket and come right back out. I hate it when that happens. Not to worry, I'll teach you.

4. In bed, you are very versatile. do draw the line at ballgags, whipping, and "hide the watermelon," but you are still very adventurous. While your partner loves the sensitivity and candor you gotta stop crying after climax, man! It's just not cool. (just kidding *smooch*)

5. Hmmmmmmmmm......your porn name is John Sonisabiggun

6. You = Me at a Styx concert = ONE HELL OF A GOOD TIME. Backstage, talking with all the old rockers...doing the robot and singing in Japanese. What more could you ask for? Our bics would be in the air, waving in sync with all the other soft-metal fans, while we screamed along with "Lady" and "Mr. Roboto." Ahhhhh...pure bliss.

7. While you have always been a fan of "American Idol" and secretly wanted to audition for it, you know the age limits are somewhat restricting. However, you get a good fake ID, sneak it past security and finally find yourself standing in front of Randy, Paula, and Simon...getting ready to sing "Ain't too proud to beg." You take a deep breath and belt it out. They cut you off 30 seconds into the song, and there is nothing but stunned silence. Finally Paula stands up and starts clapping slowly....Randy soon follows. Simon is looing at them, shaking his head. He turn away from you. Paul shouts "it's a yes!" You throw your hands up in victory when Simon turns around, and has tears running down his face. He nods and give you a huge hug. "Thank you for giving me my faith in music back," he says. On the way out, Seacrest grabs you for an interview, you shake him off to come running to me where I jump into your arms and shout how proud I am of you. Seacrest chases you down and asks to see your ID. You pull out the wrong one. Seacrest sees it. He is about to go tell Simon when I use my cat-like reflexes (lol) to kung-fu-judo-chop his arm, and he runs screaming and flailing down the hallways into the ladies bathroom. You go on to win the competition.....You are the American Idol.

Thanks, cutie!

willudomeharder 39F
85 posts
5/26/2006 10:01 am

Welcome, ladeux3. Very nice profile by the way.

Let's see...since there's two of you, this might use up a little more of my powers. I'll have to charge you'm so damn funny Anyhooo...

1. We (meaning all three of us) should definitely make out in a furniture store...after hours...when everyone else is gone, and the only person we have to worry about is the old security guard. He could hide in a wardrobe, and then use all of the King-sized beds after they lock the doors. Hopping from one bed to another...scooting them all together in a line se it's like on continuous row of feathery pillow-top bliss...would be so much fun.

2. Well....for him...he shouldn't wear any underwear. In fact, judging form the profile pic, he shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes at all...ever...well, maybe in the winter and he has to go outside...or when he's using any kind of sharp object. Other than that, he should be naked ALWAYS. For her...she is a thong/bikini girl I bet. Like me, probably wear the thongs every once in a while, but prefers the bikinis for everyday. Probably the "boy-cut" kind that look like teeny tiny shorts...or ones that look like little boys underwear. Like the ones Cameron Diaz wore in Charlies Angels. That would be hot..

3. Pool players...let's see...She is probably a pretty good shot. Can cut some, hits one of every three banks, and can definitely play defense. Just be careful of that damn 8 ball. You can be shooting around, doing a great job, when one of the ricochet balls smacks that damn black ball right into the side pocket...ALWAYS watch out for the black ball...never hit it before it's time. Him...I can see him being the slow shooter. Accurate..excruciatingly slow to play and shoot, but very accurate with great leaves. He hits the cue ball so softly, using perfect english...lightly contacting the object one thinks it's gonna make it all the way to the pocket...but IT DOES. This repeats over and over until finally you realize slow poke over there is up by 3 balls and you have yet to shoot.

4. bed...kinky, yet romantic. She probably loves to be on top, while he probably loves her being on top. hee hee hee A wonderful, sexy, attractive couple looking for someone to experiment with. They decided after the 6th blow up doll popped, they needed to start looking for a real girl. Those repair kits are expensive and can be very messy! Plus, really, after the fifth or sixth time, the vacum seals come loose anyway...or so I'm told.

5. Your porn names shall be: Him = Lou Kameimnaked, Her = Wendy Kloscumoffdafunbegins.

6. Hmmmmmmmmmm....this is a thinker.
I'll have to get back to you on this one - I have to run. Be back soon!

rm_ladeux3 45M/44F
16 posts
5/28/2006 2:46 pm

I think we need to sponsor your license for the american psychic association. Very entertaining and eerily accurate (particularly about the undies and pool playing). We tend to play 9-ball because it rewards defense and "creative" shot-making. GI's just down the road, you'll have to let us know where you go for fun. And follow up on #6 & #7 when you have time. . .lol.

micahbiguns 50M

5/28/2006 6:41 pm

Your Psychic Ya nailed me pretty good woooo hooooo!

#3band #4 and #6 were right on the money How did ya know I cried

rm_dasboss 48M

6/4/2006 12:38 pm

Guess I'm too late...

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