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3/27/2006 11:18 pm

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Has this thought ever sparked between the 2 brain hemispheres for you? I AM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah it was that kind of weekend. First to my dear friend who was wed, he reads this blog sometimes... I love you both, and wish you nothing but happiness in the future!!! I will however repay you for the events that transpired that you have no knowledge of!Ok here goes.

Friday night , I pick up my date for the wedding( listening to T-pain's " I'm in love wit a stripper"). Proceed to the church, and immediately am surrounded by his family. His mom and dad pull me to the side. Dad: whos that? Mom: here drink this( IN A CHURCH!) Dad whispering : was she at the party? MOM : Your friend looks nice! This proceeds for ten minutes along with two more very strong Mojitos!! No prob cool as a cucmber! Wedding accomplished we move ahead to the reception.

Now " Nikki" is my friend/lover/wife of an acquaintance I mentioned in the previous post. She hands me a screwdriver(not the tool!) and is inquiring about my date. Brush em off!, if you know what I mean! Me and Erika dance for a while and I talk to my buddies and we are all having a grand old time. The older couples start to leave and now its just us young folk and the D.J. Erika starts to show off moves and girlfriends and future ex wives become jealous, you know a good time for all.Its time to retire for the evening. This is where it gets good! Phil is off to the bahamas!

My phone rings ten times on the way to Erika's house. None the less I get some thanks for a good time head before I leave. Now Nikki is in my driveway when I get to my house! I dont do drama! No yelling cursing or fighting is going to take place here tonight! She just wanted to make sure I made it home ok( fellas that means alone!)! I called her husband with her standing there to make sure they were ok and he said she had run to the store and should be back any minute. Told her she better get a move on! She was furious! I'm gonna sleep like a baby now.

There is a knock at the door. Mind you it is 1:30 am. Its A. Phil's brother and he is shitfaced. Needless to say he cant drive so i'm sucked into duty. ok now we have to find his fiance cuz shes mad at him. TRUTH BE TOLD HERE I am not exactly sober either. We're driving around and his phone rings so I answer it. Sure enough his fiance is pissed and waiting on us. I drop him at the door and head for the couch I'm gonna sleep here and he can drop me off before tipoff tmw! he starts passing out beers and reminiscing on how phil was never gonna get married he thought. I cover my head with a pillow and pray for lightning.

I must have dozed off because there was no light on in the house when I woke up, and there was someone lightly touching my legs and crotch! This drunken bastard is about to get smacked upside the head for being in enemy territory when the shelling starts. I remove the pillow from my head and lo and behold on her knees in front of me is "Beth". Slight history here. Beth is an intelligent 24 yr old virgin who I have personally said 5 words to in my entire life! the words " hello, nice to meet you."

She leads me by the hand to the room she is staying in. She is a virgin that has had to have reached 3rd base a couple of times cuz she is skilled in the art of phantom touching. We played around for what seemed like hours until she finally asked me if I thought she was pretty. At this point she is gorgeous! I did it. I thought I would never do that again. I was hoping never to have to be someones first ever again. But damnit that oh so delicate caressing shit makes me hard enogh to bust concrete! She also is of the school of have another drink it will be ok. Needless to say I didn't get any sleep. I continued to drink all day saturday and watch basketball.

Sunday I layed on the couch and watched basketball and sipped water and aleve allday. This morning I got out of bed at 3:45 this afternoon!, and proceeded to eat an apple. Its is now 12:30am and i'm just starting to feel like a pathetic piece of shit. So thats my story, kind of anti-climatic, but it leads back to the original statements made here: I AM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT! I'm sitting the next wedding out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3/28/2006 5:36 am

Now you understand why I don't drink anymore! Feel better soon sweetie! -B

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3/28/2006 11:30 am

    Quoting libgemOH:
    Now you understand why I don't drink anymore! Feel better soon sweetie! -B
Thank you, its tuesday and I still dont feel normal!!!!!!!!!

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