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willieatermuff 42M
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8/17/2006 9:14 pm

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10/13/2006 9:32 pm

Blog Pimp

I am shifting gears in an effort to help a friend, bustybettyboop.

I am taking on the role of a pimp. A blog pimp that is.
As the story goes, a fellow blogger is going to call it quits due to an a-hole guy that she can't seem to shake.
I ask that you all go over and send some words of encouragement to get her to try and stay. Her name is msharleygurl.
Drop by and say hello and show some love, but be sure to come back and show me some too! lol

bustybettyboop 50F  
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8/17/2006 11:06 pm

awww! u r sooooooooooooooooo sweet and adorable!!! ty! ty! ty! i appreciate u sooo much! hugz,lis

..just join me on my blog bustybettyboop and still looking for some hot,sexy,creative contestants for my next contest...come join us! need a blog mentor or want to be one?

willieatermuff replies on 8/20/2006 4:40 pm:
You are very welcome my dear. You can always count on me to be at your side! Except in the survivor game

funkentjay1 55M

8/20/2006 7:40 am

You are a very caring person both of you. It is just so sad to see some really mean and selfish people taking the fun out of life for others. Kent

willieatermuff replies on 8/20/2006 2:56 pm:
I agree. I would hate to see one person that gives so much to others, chased off by one bad egg!

frbnkslady 48F
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10/13/2006 1:45 pm

Lots of Aholes abound here... sad when they attatch to and attack someone nice. T


willieatermuff 42M

10/13/2006 9:32 pm

    Quoting frbnkslady:
    Lots of Aholes abound here... sad when they attatch to and attack someone nice. T
Not to worry my dear, I believe in chivalry and will certainly have your back when needed!

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