My Dark Angel Divine.  

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3/8/2006 4:36 pm
My Dark Angel Divine.

Hello to those who have found this place where satyres run free in the garden and nyphs dance around them,flowing in sensual swirls in the moonlight,tasting the wine of passion,song and erotic adventures.
We begin this journey of passions and flames as We are free in the love of our pyre.We're looking for friends and fellow seekers of the mysteries of the dance and mutual pleasures of the exotic.If you have come to this place,and like the appearance of the garden that we have built in each other.We are open to share,express your interest and take a moment to sip the wine and breathe of the air.
"I watch her dancing above me,wings free,this dark angel of passion and beauty.The scent of her sweet,She moans a siren's song sensual,deep,and the joy of it to my ears as I explode in her and she with me,both in passions embrace,its power set free."
"She brushes my lips softly sweet,long and deep.I hold her in my arms and hear her heartbeat within mine and know,this dark angel in my arms eternal.In the kiss I return with my love as I whisper to her my love,my women,my wife.
To see this flame within her from another would be as divine.Her pleasure mine.As she would grant me any desire I wish to share with her,my pleasure in her eyes is as divine.This flame within her that burns with my passions desires.

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