Is It Monday yet ..???????????????  

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8/10/2006 8:07 pm
Is It Monday yet ..???????????????

Entry for August 09, 2006

Well Hello everyone..

I know u all have been wondering why I havent posted in a few days .But I have been busy ..Yup that is right ..Dan come down Monday and stayed till today ..he went home ..and I miss him already ..He will be back though ..And I cant wait to see him when he does ..I hate to see him leave when he goes ..But I understand he has too , bc he also has a business to run and take care of ..Trust me ..If he wouldnt have had to go back today ..He would of been stayin another nite and I wouldnt be sittin in front of this damn computer ..We would be doin better and more interesting things ..HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE ..I am very GREATFUL that I met Dan and he took the drive to come and meet me...He is the BEST thing that has EVER happened too me ..Some of u will understand what I am sayin..I have waited for a very long time FOR this MAN to COME into MY LIFE ...

On Monday Dan and I spend the day together and enjoy it very much ..On Tuesday we spent the day with my kids and sis ..We took them to Waktins Glen State Park and had a cook out and went swimming..I had a BLAST ..I always enjoy the time that I share with Dan ...And my kids of course ..They mean the world to me ..Rod couldnt go this trip ..But he will join us again once he gets done with his community services ..I guess today the guy he works for said"he wishes Rod wouldnt end his hours" bc he is a really good worker ..

One of our next trips is goin to be Stony Brook State Park ..I do believe that I did mention that in one of my other blogs ..But that is alright ..I dont mind ..I know that I had an AWESOME time this week ..I just hope the rest of the week goes by fast and this comin Monday hurries up and gets here..Why is that u ask ..? So I can see my baby ..I miss him terrible ..And he knows that ..

Well I am not sure what the rest of my week is goin to be like ..I know that I will be riding my new bike..oo yes my baby got me a new bike and I like it VERY much ..The boys ,Beth and I went for a bike ride tonight ..Stopped into the police station and registered it my bike ..It rides NICE..And I am goin to enjoyin riding it for the rest of the summer ..When winter hits I am goin to ask my landlord if I can put it in the garage or the shop ..So it isnt gettin ruined ..My kids arent allowed to ride it..They might get upset with me ..,But Im sorry ..the last bike I got , my son tour it apart and it never got put back together ..So that was the end of the 20' bike for sure ..I dont even know where it is NOW ..Ahhh well ..

Today Dan and I went to Subway and got lunch ..then we went up to Mossy Bank and sat at one of the picinic tables to eat ..I really like that ..I havent ever done that be4 ..

Well I guess I am off to talk to Dan ..And I will see u all at another time ..Will keep u up to date when I get the chance to write ..

to all a good nite and pleasant dreams to each and everyone of u ..


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