Yearly doctor's exam  

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1/22/2006 6:31 am

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Yearly doctor's exam

I’m late for my doctor’s appointment. It’s time for my checkup. When I arrive at the office everyone has gone home but my doctor. He’s waiting for me. He says he’ll do my exam even though I’m late.
He seems a bit funny this late afternoon, kind of like as if he is preoccupied with some important thoughts….
He brings me into the exam room and closes the door. He tells me to get undressed and put on the gown. I slowly undress and put the gown on. One of these silly hospital gowns where your back is all bare. Sheesh

I come out from behind the curtain where I’ve been undressing. He tells me to get up and lie on the exam table. As I am climbing up he helps me by half grabbing my ass. His hand stays there a little longer than it has to. It’s been a while since anyone touched my ass so I kind of like it.
I lie down on my back. He puts my feet in the stirrups and tells me to move my bottom further towards him. He sits down. He runs his fingers over my soft pussy. So nice. He says and looks up at me. His hand is still there and it’s rubbing me. We are still staring into each other’s eyes. I give a little smile. It feels good and I wouldn’t mind more.
I thin he understands. He sits down again and lets his fingers slide down towards my anus. I shiver because it turns me on. He grabs a bottle from the trolley beside him and squirts the lube al over my pussy and some up my ass. I moan. His fingers opens my big pussy lips and find my clit. He blows on it and starts touching it, fingering it and teasing it. His other hand is down on my anus now, slowly poking a finger inside me. He stands up and kisses my inner thighs. I close my eyes, it feels so good to be touched and teased like this.

He grabs something else from the trolley. I can hear something being turned on, it’s a buzzing sound. Oh god, it’s a vibrator and it’s being pushed up my ass. He pushes it slowly to give me time to get used to it and so that I can feel every vibe. It seems to go on forever. He gently starts fucking my ass with it. I give a little scream cause it feels so awesome. I’ve never had anyone do like this before. He gets excited by my response, I can tell. His hand is now pushing on my pussy. His fingers find their way in and he is fucking my pussy with his hand now. He finds the gspot and teases me until I come. My whole body shakes and I let out another scream.
He pulls out the vibe and tells me to come off the table. He is quite hard now. He opens his pants and his hard dick looks so tasty. I get down on my knees and eagerly starts sucking and licking it. I grab his balls with one hand and hold the shaft of his dick with the other as I suck. He lets out a huge moan and comes all over my front. I lick the rest of the cum from his dick. Thank you thank you he says. I just smile, I should be thanking him.

He turns me around and has me standing bent over the exam bed with my ass up in the air. He slaps my ass a couple of times. Bad bad girl he says with a smile. He puts something up my ass, feels like a butt plug or something like that. It hurts a bit cause it’s so big. He now has a big dong in his hand and he puts it up my pussy from behind. He pushes against me so that I can’t move. My legs are spread wide apart and he rams the thing up my pussy like there is no tomorrow. He tells me to get back on the table. Again my feet are put in the stirrups, this time wider apart. I feel so helpless lying there. He starts licking my pussy. This guy knows what he is doing, it’s amazing. He sucks my pussy lips, my clit and pushes his tongue far inside me. His hand is playing with my anus around the butt plug.
He is rock hard now again and he stands up and puts his dick inside my pussy. It’s perfect match, I give a little scream again. Scream louder, he begs. With every push he does I scream. Not really because he wants me to but because it feels so good. He fucks me so hard. I can feel his balls slapping my ass everytime he comes in deep. He seems to be going forever. All of a sudden he pulls out the butt plug and guides his dick to my ass. I’m wide open now and he starts fucking me anally. It doesn’t take long until we both come. He pumps my all full and then as he pulls out his cum is trickling out.

Wish I could have an exam like this every week LOL

rm_fkhim4me 48F
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1/23/2006 8:18 pm

Very nice exam I should let my husband try that on me. But that is what he like a lot of role playing and anal play and I do not so that is why I am here to find him someone to play with. Where are you located? Try me with same handle at ya hoo and we can go from there. Look forward to more of your stories.

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