Waiting to fall asleep in South Texas  

wildfirecoyote 59M
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12/9/2005 10:11 pm

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Waiting to fall asleep in South Texas

Just finished watching "The Ring Two". If anyone is going to jump out of a TV and grab me, why can't it be Tyra Banks?

The artwork to the side is an attempt of mine to create abstract art using Adobe Photoshop. I call it simply "untitled-1". You may see others later on. I might do one of a sexual nature just for Passion.com devotees.

Remember all the stories a few years ago about people inserting gerbils in their rectums? What type of mentality does it take to go into a pet store, look into a cage, and think,"That's a cute little critter. I think I'll shave him, declaw him, and stick him up my ass." And think about the poor gerbils! Talk about trauma! If there is a mental health facility for small mammals, it is probably chocked to the brim with chain-smoking gerbils with facial ticks.

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