Random carnal poetry  

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11/29/2005 6:53 pm

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Random carnal poetry

What makes poetry? Is it just an intriguing arrangements of words or thoughts on a page? Is it the juxtaposition of thoughts to reveal something hidden or to enlighten? By some thinking, this would be poetry:


Oh, well. Who cares? It's an entertaining thought. Let's try another of these carnal verses withouth meaning:

Night penetrates the mist
a black woman's nipple
white semen

Here's an amusing incident:

Several years ago, when I was in the Navy, I worked in an office where one of my officemates was a Marine staff sergeant. One day, the staff sergeant picked up some of a special type of trash bag lying next to my desk and, amazed by how slick they were, said, "Why that's slicker than cum on a gold tooth, isn't it, sir?" I didn't catch what he said and replied that I didn't hear what he said. He repeated his statement and I said, "I wouldn't know; I've never dated any women with gold teeth." He got a big laugh out of that.

It's an interesting paradox when your girlfriend looks at your erection and says, "Oh, that's not so big; yes, I can definitely take that in my ass."

The advantage to not being hung like a racehorse/pornstar is that you get a lot more deep throat.

I have never engaged in BDSM, but the psychology of it (as I understand it) fascinates me. Why do some people want to give up total control over themselves to someone else and why do some want to completely dominate someone else. At the heart of the issue is a matter of trust. Someone has to be completely trusting of someone else to allow that person to tie them up into a completely helpless position. At the same time, the top must have earned the trust of the sub. As I said this is all theory to me. I wouldn't mind hearing some opinions on the subject. I have been told by at least one lady experienced in BDSM that I would make a good top, because I am gentle and considerate. I think I would enjoy being a top, but never a sub. I would have to have a hell of a lot of trust in a woman to let her tie me up, but if she wanted me to tie her up, I would. I have studied knots a little and can do it without cutting off someone's blood flow.

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