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How many people would buy a bumper sticker that says (I use Texas as an example, but it could be any place):

"Welcome to Texas! Try not to be an asshole."

Or do you prefer:

"Welcome to Texas! Try not to be a jerk."

On another topic, I recently read on The Smoking Gun website (a very interesting site whose articles are not usually as twisted as this case!) that a man was arrested for having sex with a dog in the bushes behind a restaurant after a customer spotted them.

First of all, I would have hated to have been the guy having just received a plate of chicken-fried steak with white gravy and then saw this twisted scene out the window. I doubt I would ever touch gravy again.

The twisted culprit did have to pay a few fines and may have spent a few days in the "crossbar hotel" (if I recall correctly), but the article does not mention what happened to the dog, a four-month old Lab puppy. I assume the police took him to the supposed safety of a dog pound. My question is: don't they know that the pound is the canine equivalent of Oz? He has probably gone from bad to worse, and is now the sex toy of cell block C. A pack of Dobermans is probably trading his furry ass around for milkbones even as I write this.

Impromptu Poll:

Most people know guys opinions on boob size, but, ladies, what are your opinions on what are attractive female boobs? Please don't take this question amiss and assume that I think the only thing that attracts men is boob size. I realize it is not and, (admittedly with rare exception) boob size is not the first thing that attracts me to a woman. As a matter of fact, the first thing that usually attracts me to a woman is that she is intelligent, witty, pleasant, and clean. Without those prerequisites, I will not be attracted to a woman no matter how big her boobs are.

But, just out of curiosity, I would like to know what ladies consider attractive female boobs. My own opinion is that they should complement her figure, but not dominate it. They should be reasonably firm and somewhat round, but without being perfect hemispheres so that the woman appears to be smuggling halves of a basketball beneath her top.

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