Joke of the Day--The Purple Parrot  

wildfirecoyote 59M
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7/21/2006 1:11 am
Joke of the Day--The Purple Parrot

A man is sitting in first class on an airliner at 20,000 feet and sitting in the seat next to him is a purple parrot. When the female flight attendant walks past, the parrot says, "Hey, bitch, get me a whiskey and soda!"

The flight attendant, very flustered, runs off. A few minutes later, she passes by again and the parrot says, "Where's my fucking drink, you stupid fucking whore?"

The flight attendant is very upset by this, but runs off and gets the drink just to shut the parrot up.

The man looks at the parrot and says, "Hey, that's pretty good. I've been waiting a long time for my drink, and she still hasn't brought it." So when the attendant passes by again, the man says, "Hey, you stupid whore, how 'bout my fucking vodka and tonic?"

The poor attendant is fed up at this point and runs off to the cockpit. In a minute she returns with the co-pilot and two burly, male flight attendants who proceed to open the cabin door and toss both the man and the parrot out.

As they hurtle out the door, the parrot turns to the man and says, "Boy, for someone who can't fly you sure gotta lotta balls."

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