Dinner Party Faux Pas  

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Dinner Party Faux Pas

The dinner party was the most lavish Derek and Anne had ever thrown. Twenty-four guests in tuxedos and evening gowns from the most cultured society gathered around the long, elegant dinner table to hear her case for supporting her husband’s new archeological excavation. The finest restaurant in the city had catered the dinner. The table was overflowing with fine crystal, a spotlessly white tablecloth, floral arrangements, and candelabras. Even the serving staff was impeccably dressed. Now dinner was over, and the guests loitered about the immense fireplace sipping their after-dinner cocktails and forming conversation cliques.

Anne was conversing with the mayor, the city manager, and the Dean of the Archeology Department and her husband, when Derek walked up and greeted them. Anne had just been going into detail about her husbands’ plans for a new museum with the city manager when Derek suddenly joined in the conversation and she remembered a previous question from the mayor that she had not been able to answer.

“Oh, yobo, there you are! Could you tell Mayor Talbott the name of the liquor store where you buy the wine?”

“Yobo?” asked the city manager, “What is that?”

Derek’s eyes widened slightly in surprise at hearing his pet name spoken in public. Anne realized her mistake and she rolled her eyes in shame at having broken their promise to each other.

“It’s a pet name–like ‘honey’,” said Derek. “It’s Korean. It’s something we picked up last year vacationing in Seoul.”

“How cute!” said the Department head’s wife.

“May I borrow my wife for a moment?” Derek asked the circle. They all happily consented.

Derek gently led Anne a few feet away from the circle by the hand and whispered into her ear. “Meet me in our bedroom in ten minutes. You’ve been naughty.” Anne hung her head in shame so that Derek could see she acquiesced to his demand, but so slightly that no one else could tell anything was wrong. When Derek released her hand, she walked slowly over to the bar to leave her empty champagne flute, and then picked up her pace and hurried on up the stairs to their room, with her gold, sequined evening gown and silver jewelry twinkling like a myriad of rising stars.

When Derek entered their room, Anne was standing next to Derek’s side of the bed and she could see a large bulge had formed in his trousers and was rock hard. Derek walked over and sat on the bed’s edge. Anne turned around and allowed Derek to unzip her dress. She pulled it off her shoulders and let it slip to the floor. She then removed her brassiere, panty hose, and panties, and let them fall onto her dress. She kept her gold high heels on however, knowing that at only these times did Derek like her to wear them. She then lay face down across his lap.

Derek cupped his left hand around one of her breasts, and, taking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, began alternately twisting and pinching it with a firm but gentle touch that the action did not hurt her so much as it stimulated her. Sometimes he switched to the other breast. Anne enjoyed this so much she kept her eyes closed to focus on the sensations. Sometimes she raised her head with a deep breath and exhaled and, at other times, she let her head drop. She did this for her own enjoyment, but she also knew that Derek enjoyed watching this motion and listening to her moan. Sometimes, like tonight, he did this for a minute or two before the spanking began. But he always continued it throughout the spanking portion of their “sessions”, as they referred to these times.

Derek spanked her lightly with the bare palm of his hand, not enough to hurt, but enough to get her attention, to remind her to be careful about what she said and did and not to reveal any of their personal secrets. After about a dozen swats, both Anne’s ass and Derek’s palm were stinging delightfully. Derek released her breast and wrapped his arm around her head and pulled it closer to chest, cradling it, being careful not to harm his beloved, but to let her feel his strength. At the same time he used his right palm to grasp her ass tightly and slid it firmly up and down between her waist and thigh, massaging both sides several times. He then took his right hand moved it around her face and slowly inserted his middle finger into her mouth, and said, “Moisten it.” She sucked on it several times and licked its tip, anticipating what was about to come.

He moved his right hand back to her ass, and gently parted her butt cheeks with the side of his palm. She then felt his moistened fingertip pressing and wriggling against her anus. She gasped slightly when it penetrated with a pleasant sting. She smiled as he slowly probed deeper until his finger was in as far as it would go. “You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?” he asked.






“Say it.”

“I’ve been a naughty girl!”

“And what do you need?”

“I’ve been a naughty girl and I need discipline! Discipline me, please!”

Derek withdrew his finger slowly, enjoying the tight ring of her flesh. “On your knees, girl.”

Anne moved from his lap onto her knees before him. Derek stood and dropped his trousers and shorts, leaving Anne to stare at his erection only a couple of inches from the tip of her nose. Derek reached down and placed the head of his penis into her mouth. “Place your hands on my thighs.” Anne complied. “If I thrust too deep, push back against my thighs so you don’t choke.” Anne nodded and felt the tip of his penis bouncing against her tongue. She widened her mouth a little so that her teeth did not scratch him.

Derek began slowly thrusting, closing his eyes to fully enjoy the warm moistness of her mouth. He already knew from the past years how much of him she could take, but he pushed the envelope a little this time, just to see the expression on her face and to feel the pressure of her palms. Besides this was a little bit of discipline in its own right. He pulled back until only the head was in her mouth and he could feel her tongue flicking against it. He placed his palms on the top of her head and held on while he rammed it in faster this time and withdrew it being careful not to push too deeply. He rammed it in again and again and again, enjoying the motion of his own hips, getting out the aggression that had been locked inside him for too long. He pushed and withdrew it several more times, each time becoming a little more lost in the sensation, becoming a little more lost in the sexual trance when the world begins to fade out and leaves only the pounding of the heart and the rushing of the blood.

While Derek held her head and thrust repeatedly, Anne wondered if he would come in her mouth or on her and, if on her, where. She knew Derek liked to be innovative during their sessions. She didn’t care where he came and she liked to be surprised. She enjoyed the taste of his semen. He had been eating more sweets than usual over the last few days so she wondered if it would taste slightly sweet. She loved the feel of it pulsing against the back of her mouth or against her breasts or the feel of it against her face, which she thought of as her white shower. But she knew he wouldn’t come on her face tonight and ruin the makeup she had spent so long putting on. It would mean she would have to take a long time out from the party to put it back on. He was considerate like that. He would never do anything to hurt or embarrass her. He might come on her breast or in her cleavage. He might have her masturbate him with her breasts and then come between them.

He had done that the night they had hosted a fundraiser for the mayor. Then he had taken a wet washcloth and wiped the semen off so that it wouldn’t show behind her low neckline. He loved that dress, the red one that showed off her cleavage. After they had returned to the party, she caught him staring at her several times. Afterwards he told her that he couldn’t help trying to imagine what the stain between her breasts would have looked like if he hadn’t wiped it off. He told her that it had been a big turn on to him to see his gorgeous wife, an elegant lady, the envy of high society, walking around with a full champagne flute and his semen invisibly staining her cleavage displayed behind a low cut dress.

Derek withdrew his penis completely from her mouth. “Bend over the bed,” he said.

She rose and complied.

Derek moved up. She felt the moist penis penetrate her anus and she let out a gasp as he drove it in completely to where she could feel his large testicles swing and touch her ass. He grasped her hips tightly and pulled them back as he rammed it in again and again. Anne felt and heard the slap, slap, slap of his loins against her bottom. She wondered what the sensation must feel like for him. She enjoyed taking it anally and enjoyed pleasing him more. She noticed his pumping was becoming faster and was building in speed and strength. She knew he was about to come.

Suddenly he withdrew, but instead of squirting on her back, he put the head of his penis between her butt cheeks. She felt the warm flow of his semen as it squirted and ran down her crack. There was a lot of it. He always produced a lot.

“Stay like that,” he said. He pulled up his pants and walked to the bathroom. Anne heard the water run and then shut off. Derek returned with a wet washcloth. He wiped her bottom and cleaned most of the semen out of her butt crack. “I’m leaving a little of it in, so you can feel it dry tonight as we are at the party, but not so much that it would stain your dress and show. Will you remember now not to use our pet names in public?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. You may rise now. Now get dressed and meet me downstairs in a few minutes. We shouldn’t keep the mayor waiting.”

“Yes, yobo.”

Derek stood and as Anne rose, he grasped her suddenly and kissed her long and passionately on the lips. “You’ll have to fix your lipstick now, but I couldn’t resist. I love you so much. See you downstairs.”

“I love you too, yobo.”

Derek turned and left, closing the door behind him.

As Anne dressed, she smiled. Her plan to whisk Derek away for a quick session had worked as smoothly as it had at the mayor’s fundraiser. Derek never suspected that she had made the slip deliberately. She knew she couldn’t do this too often or he might get suspicious. Maybe she would wait a few months before doing it again. Anne giggled a little. What would the mayor say if he knew the intelligent, charming, gorgeous socialite with whom he was discussing the complexities of government, had her husband’s semen drying in the crack of her ass? But she would not think about that now. Now she just wanted to spend a few minutes reveling in her own personal afterglow.

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is it safe to say there is a little sub and/or dom in us all???

this is very good!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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