Paging WalMart Manager  

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12/13/2005 2:34 pm

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Paging WalMart Manager

Hmm this is my 1st blog so...bear with me. 1st time on this site to. im still debating on getting a premium membership. just relized i dont have a current pic to post so I'll have to do that this week THEN i'll prolly get the silver or gold for a month to see if it's worth it.

Anywho since i'm all into having women tell me their fantasies thought i would dedicate this blog to mine. SOME have actually came true, like the one im about to share

i was working as a communications tech/superviser a couple of years ago. We serviced all the wal-marts and sam's clubs. Anyways i was in the frisco wal-mart faxing my paperwork in to wally worlds head office when i noticed this gorgeous asst. manager sitting in the office. Long auburn hair, five foot 6 inches and hundered and ten pounds. GREAT curves, so i made idle chitchat the whole time im already got a good fantasy going with her in a hottub. She makes a comment about it being beer thirty , so being the charmer i am i ask where can a guy go to get a beer around here she tells me and I tell her i'd like to buy her one when she gets off.

The whole time i'm imagining going over every inch of her body with my toungue and wondering how loud i can get her to scream my name. Feeling her long hair carress over my body, feeling her supple breasts.....umm back to the tale .
So we meet up at this sports bar we hit it off but the 1st date was a dud . the next night we meet up at a different bar where we drank alot, she kicked my ass at pool then we went back to my apt. and my fantasies didnt do this girl justice!

We had sex like i havent EVER had! it had been awhile for both of us to be honest. It was like i was inside her head as well as being inside her. I KNEW where she wanted to be touched, how she wanted to be touched, how she licked her nipples sucked on hard, how she liked her clitorus licked and sucked and how she liked me to grind on her while i was inside of her >>!. I know other ppl have had this kind of experience. i mean I learned ALONG time ago how to read a womans body language in bed to know what she likes but this was ALOT more intense. She knew what i liked as well, guess we just clicked like that.

We dated for awhile but honestly it was just great sex with us. in the end we went our seperate ways.
i was bummed for awhile but really we had great fun we just couldnt live together.

the sex was awsome tho. She had never had a multible orgasm before and i loved going down on her. the feel of her legs along my cheek and back, the way she tasted, even how sweet her scent was. Ofcourse i LOVe going down on women anyways but some its better than with others. Some women I guess just stick in a guys memory more than others.

Well hope this bore everybody TOO bad. It is my 1st blog and Im still learning what the bounderies are as far as what I should and shouldnt type. And kinda learning how things work here. tehy will get better as i go

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