Twilight Romance Story!  

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Twilight Romance Story!

Romance is never easy and never comes easy to anyone.
Andrew has gone over that same thought in his mind over and over for
nearly two years, when whom he thought was the love of his life left him.
Feeling worse than Andrew has felt in a long while he decides to wander
the night endlessly like he did many times before in the months following
the breakup. But there was something strange about this particular night,
the air was calm and warm, the sky was romantically dark with nothing but
the glow of millions of stars shinning overhead. As the night went on
Andrew didn't remember where he had wandered. Just where he had ended up.
Andrew somehow found himself on the edge of a small grass patch surrounded
by trees that was on the edge of a cliff. The sounds of the night were all
around. A smell that Andrew couldn't explain in words and the sound of the
ocean crashing against the jagged rocks below. What Andrew didn't realize
was this would be a night he will never forget.
Hours had passed since Andrew first came upon the clearing and sat down
to remember the memories he had never wanted to let go. Then out of the
corner of his eye he saw a silhouette. A shadow in the trees that seemed
to be watching him. For how long he didn't know. Although that particular
shadow didn't scare him, it intrigued him. " Who was this person and how
long have they been there." Andrew said to himself. What seemed like hours
went by then he saw the answer to his questions. From the trees into the
glowing moon came a woman. She had an aura about her that seemed to stop
time and sound. The trees and animals made no noise and the waves seem to
stop crashing into the rocks. At her presence time seemed to stand still.
She had long dark hair half way down her back. She was wearing what seemed
to be a sleek long white gown made of silk. As she moved closer to Andrew
the gown flowed ever so softly in the night. The moon shown through the
silk and allowed Andrew to see a body of pure elegance. Her curves were
perfect in every way. Her body mesmerized Andrews's eyes. He could not
stop looking at this beautiful woman standing right before his eyes.
Wondering what she had wanted Andrew stood up. Not being a very large
man and not being to good with woman was at a loss for words. He wanted to
speak to her but at the same time didn't want her to leave. Now as he
stood face to face to her Andrew could see there was a particular look in
her eyes. A look that he has never seen before. For what seemed like a
lifetime they both just stood in front of each other not saying a word.
His heart began to beat faster as the minutes went by. Her hair was
flowing in the gentle breeze and the moonlight was showing the shape of
her body through the silk gown perfectly. After a moment went by Andrew
finally got the nerve to speak but just as he opened his mouth her hand
came up and she put one finger onto his lips. Andrew new then she didn't
want him to speak. Words didn't need to be used. The feeling that was in
the air and the surrounding was enough to explain everything that wanted
and needed to be said. Again their eyes met. Her eyes seemed lustrous but
yet erotic, there was a feeling that had come over both of them that
couldn't be held back any longer. Andrew forgot about his shyness and his
awkward way. He took her into his arms and placed his lips onto hers. It
was a kiss he had never felt before. Her lips were soft and luscious, Full
and wet. They embraced in passion deep, long like two people in love yet
he has never seen this woman before. Andrews mind lost all track of his
surroundings his mind was concentrated on her. His hand moved to her face
stroking her cheeks and hair. Her skin was soft and silky, natural and
smooth. A feeling that was more than his senses could handle. His hand
began to move down around her shoulders down her back. Feeling the long
white gown he wondered if her body felt like the skin on her face. His
lips moved down. To her chin then her neck. The taste of her skin was
mouth watering. She tastes like pure passion and ecstasy. Andrew wanted to
stop but he lost all control of himself. He just wanted to be one with the
stranger in the trees. His hands began to fall over her breasts through
the silken gown.
They were very much aroused and firm. Unlike anything he has ever felt
before. Her head moved back in pure enjoyment as he put his lips on her
erect nipple tasting every inch of her. Unbuttoning the front of the gown
Andrew exposed her breast; he took her nipple into his hand and mouth
kneading her mound softly and slowly. The other hand was unbuttoning the
full line of buttons down the front of the long white gown till her body
was fully exposed. Removing the gown from her shoulders it fell gently to
the ground. Exposing the loveliness that was hidden ever so little behind
silk. She began to remove Andrew's shirt exposing his muscular chest. Her
hands caressing his masculine arms and stomach. Passion was in the air
both their hearts were pounding in passion. Andrew fell to his knees
bringing his hands over her the curve of her bottom kissing the sides of
her hips and squeezing her bottom. Her pungent odor of her shaved pussy
was more than he could handle. Sweet scents filled his senses where he
couldn't handle it anymore he had to taste her. Andrew brought his mouth
over her pussy lips. Licking from side to side just over the outer portion
of her love spot. Working his way up to her clit he took the swelling flap
into his mouth. She started to move her hips in sync with his tongue and
let out a soft low moan of passion. Her pussy became instantly moist
beyond his wildest dreams and the taste was pure and perfect. They kept up
the rhythm side to side up and down getting faster and faster as the time
went bye. Andrew grabbed her hands and pulled her to the ground not
stopping the licking motion and his tongue never left her now swollen
clit. More and more Andrews tongue licked faster and faster. Her hips were
telling Andrew the enjoyment she was having without words. Andrew's hands
moved up and down her ever so soft thighs down to her calves then back up.
Her curves were filling the senses in his hands, and her juices were
fulfilling the senses in his mouth. A taste Andrew never wanted to end.
What felt like hours of lustful licking went by her hips started to quiver
almost out of control. Andrew new her time has come. She swilled and
rocked her hips side to side in rhythm with Andrews tongue till she
couldn't hold back any longer. Her hands now moved from arousing her
breasts to the back of Andrew's head. Intertwining her finger into
Andrew's hair she pulled his mouth deep into her love nest and let out a
long deep moan. Exploding into Andrew's mouth her whole body shook out of
control. Her juices started flowing like a stream of ecstasy. The taste of
her orgasm was unlike anything Andrew has ever tasted before. Pure love is
the only way he could explain it. Feeling her body totally relax Andrew new he had satisfied her fully.
Then within seconds her hands pulled Andrew up and rolled him onto his
back. Now sitting on top of him she passionately kissed him tasting her
own juices. This seemed to arouse her even more. The look in her eyed told
Andrew it was her turn to make him feel as good as he made her feel a
moment ago. She worked her way over his chest down to the center of his
belly. She reached down and worked her hands onto the outside of Andrews
pants. She new then how much Andrew was aroused. She unzipped Andrew's
pants and removed them ever so slowly. This excited Andrews senses over
the top. He closed his eyes and concentrated fully on the enjoyment he was
about to feel.

She took his now fully erect cock (and Andrew being fairly well
endowed) into both hands. Stroked slowly up and down seeing the modest
size she could hold back no longer. She started to lick Andrew's balls not
missing a stroke. All around she licked and sucked. Andrew had never had
any woman do this to him before and he nearly exploded right there. Andrew
thinks she new he was about to cum and she slowed down her strokes. She
then looked up at Andrew and just gave him a little smile. At the same
time she licked Andrews hard thick shaft slowly up to the tip of his cock.
Glistening with her saliva his cock gleamed with the moonlight. She then
took his cock deep into her mouth slowly starting at the tip till she
ended up with his whole cock deep into her throat. The feeling was
unbelievable. Andrew's hips moved and he let out a long moan of pleasure.
Her sucking was slow and erotic, up and down stoking at the same time. She
worked her way up to the very tip moving her tongue around and around then
burying him into her mouth once again. His ecstasy was boiling. Almost to
the point of eruption. She could feel his balls start to swell and tighten
in her hand as she was fondling them ever so gently. Not wanting him to
explode quite yet she slowed down almost to the point of stopping. Taking
his throbbing cock so slow down her throat he couldn't take the feel of
her luscious lips any longer. Andrew wanted to feel her pussy lips around
his hard shaft. The feeling was very mutual by the way she straddled his
hips guiding Andrews muscle slowly into her wet and waiting pussy. Soft
and slowly she engulfed Andrews near exploding cock deep inside her moist
love hole till her thighs met his hips. Andrew was fully inside her pussy
and the feeling was almost more than he could handle. He nearly let his
cock explode but he also wanted to feel her till the end of time. Andrew
never wanted to let this wonderful feeling end. Her pussy was so wet she
was dripping over his hips. Warm and welcoming moist and soft was the only
words he could use to explain the feeling of this woman's pussy. Her hips
were moving front and back working his cock deep into her pussy faster and
faster. Andrew was guiding her hips with his hands moving and feeling
every inch of her inside. She moved straight up, put her hands on her
breast and kneaded them till her nipples were the most erect he has ever
seen before. Andrew knew she was getting real close to an orgasm so he
raised his butt of the ground and began moving her hips faster than ever.
All at ounce her head tilted back, Andrew could feel her pussy start to
quiver and shake. Her pussy became wetter than ever. Then all at ounce she
let out a long deep moan of passion Andrew had sent her over the top. Her
pussy erupted violently around his cock. The feeling of her tremendous
orgasm was enough to exhaust her body. Her orgasm must have lasted for
over a minute. Still Shaking from her explosion she turned around on
Andrew into a 69 position so he could taste what he did to her. The taste
was outstanding. They explored each other till all her cum was licked up
from her pussy and his cock.Andrew needed more he wanted to feel this woman as deep as he could. He
moved her onto all fours and kneeled behind her. Andrew pulled her ass
into the air and began to slide his saliva-slicked cock into her pussy
slow and steady. She was wetter than he has ever felt any woman be before.
Andrew pushed in and pulled out in a slow steady rhythm pulling her hips
to his as he buried his cock deep inside her pussy. Long passionate moans
began to come from deep within her body. Andrew new she was going to cum
for the third time. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper he pushed his
cock deep into her pussy. The faster he went the loader her moans became.
After a few more long hard stroked her ass started to shake. Andrew has
brought her to another orgasm. Her body was shaking ever so violently in
ecstasy and he stroked and stroked. Andrew slowed his pushing down and
started to pull his cock back till the tip was almost out then slid back
in till his balls hit against her now extremely swollen clit. This was
more than she could handle another orgasm was starting to boil inside her
dripping hot pussy. She reached back and took a hold of Andrew's balls,
squeezing and rubbing his now tightening sack. Andrew kept stroking in and
out of her pussy till he couldn't handle the feeling anymore. She new
Andrew was about to explode by the feel of his now thrusting sack in her
hands. She slide around and without missing a stroke took Andrews pulsing
cock deep into her moist mouth. Andrew couldn't hold back any longer. She
placed one hand on the base of his cock and the other hand on the tip of
her clit. She wanted to cum right with Andrew. She took his swollen cock
deep into her mouth while pushing her fingers deep into her twitching
pussy. Then violently they both exploded in the most amazing orgasm either
has ever had. While her pussy dripped covering her hand with cum Andrew
cock exploded deep into her mouth. Removing her mouth from his shaft she
stroked his cock and Andrew came more than he ever had before. His sack
jumped and twitched, every time loading her breasts with cum. Squeezing
and stroking she drained every last drop- of cum from Andrews cock. Wanting
to clean him of very well she licked and sucked Andrew clean. A feeling
Andrew was not accustomed to but enjoyed fully. he new exactly what she
was saying without hearing a word. She picked up her silken gown and
disappeared into the trees from which she came.
Just having the most powerful orgasm they both had ever had they laid
down next to each other kissing passionately and embracing each other for
the next few hours to come.
As they lied on the grass they could see the sun faintly starting to
rise in the horizon. Without saying a word the woman stood up and turned
to Andrew. With just a gaze into his eyes Andrew wondered if he should go after her to find out her name but he
just couldn't move. Somehow he was stunned by what had just happened to
him. Just having the most wonderful night of passion he has ever felt
Andrew new this was a night he was never going to forget.
Although this is not a true story this was written from a personal
fantasy at one time I wish to share with the woman I truly and will
forever love. She is my one and only true love of a lifetime. Sometimes I
may not show her enough how much I care but I just want her to know she is
the true pride and joy of my everyday being. She will always be in my
heart. Forever and Always.
By C&M

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most excellent love it kep it coming we want more

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I have tried this with my last boyfriend it is more than you can handle you should have him in also have him hold a viberator near your clit the feeling is two orgasms together at a time as soon as you are about to come tell him so that he is also ready to come and you should come together have a ling viberator pushed with his cock into your ass if you also like anal sex the feeling is just miraculous and once you both have come ask him to bit your tits and tease it you will soomn be ready for the next beleive it never stops

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