Cum Ride with Me!!  

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10/24/2005 11:50 pm

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Cum Ride with Me!!

i've always had this fantasy of riding on a motorcycle with a skirt on, nothing on underneath, and the you would be wearing some nice tight ass jeans to show off that amazing ass of yours...i would wrap my arms around the front of you and hold on tight, and moan while i feel the vibrations of the ride buzz my pussy and made it hot and wet...and you would know that i enjoy that feeling, and it would keep you hard the whole ride. Wishing you could put your hand under my skirt and feel me swelling...mmmm but your patient and have other allow me to play and explore you during the soft tiny hands reach up under your shirt...mmm your chest is amazing to feel, MMM yummy hard rippling muscles....carressing it strongly with exploring nimble fingers, my nails grating against your chest...

Ican feel your hard stomach as my hands run from your chest and down and back up slow but hard.

God! i love to run my fingers around your nipples and feel them get hard. You can feel mine react thru your shirt as I slide my big breasts against you...I'm quite daring at i reach back and unhook my bra, feeling sensuous I slowly pull the straps down from under my shirt, ooopppss! there goes a trucker as i pull it out from under my tank top and toss it aside on the rode as we speed by. I lift my shirt, then i lift the back of your t-shirt and rub my naked tits all over your back...i look around your face and see a big makes me mouth becomes a seductive organ as I open it wide and kiss you all over your back..wide open mouth kisses, hot, sexy, wet, taunting and teasing you with my tongue as I swirl and suck on your tits bouncing slighty with the ride...i groan as i grope and feel you, down your tummy, mmmm my right hand dipping inside ur jeans, my left hand down the back of those tight ass jeans. I groan against your back as i feel your ass cheeks tense as I dig and feel all around and grab tight.

I'm in a hurry to touch you!! i grab at ur cock and hold it in my grasp squeezing in pulsating rhythms...i see you gulp and lick ur lips...we're riding out in the country somewhere, with one hand i keep it wrapped around ur hard aching dick, with the other one i pull it from the back of ur jeans and i put it under my skirt...oh my!! baby! You wouldn't believe how wet i am! You slowly pull off the side of the rode. Im thinking, hmmm is there a problem? I have no idea what ur up to! You purposly, slowly, dismount your bike, my hand has slipped out of ur jeans, with a question on my face, u turn to face me..i look up into your eyes with a playful smile while my hand is playing with myself. You pull my hand away, your eyes are dark with lust.

It makes me gasp the way you're looking at take me by the wrist and pull me off of the motorcycle. You guide me around the bike facing the street. You forcelfully bend me over the seat and pull my skirt up and give me a smack on my ass which makes my juices drip from me as I jump and cry out in response.

I turn to look at you over my shoulder, that hot dark look in your eyes causes a shiver to run down my back. I can tell by that look, im gonna get it good! "bend over you hot cunt" you say quietly to me. I obey without question. I bend over the seat, my breasts drooping against fingers curl around the edge of the seat in a tight grip, bracing myself, but u surprise me when ur fingers touch the crack of my ass and slide down gently to my slickened wet pussy. You rub and explore my wetness, I hear you sniff the air, drinking in my scent...then you give my pussy a good hard smacking, making me cum and squirt!!..cum piss runnin down my fucking wet!!!!

Uh oh! here comes a car, i try to get up and pull my skirt down. But you quickly shove me back down forcefully.."Where do you think your goin?" you ask as you shove three fingers inside me and start finger fucking me so hard. I can't do anything but take it...the car is almost here!! shit! I struggle again to get up...i need to cum... you put your hand on my back and pin me against the seat, "dont move!" I start to protest again. You smack my ass three times, and i cum again...the car slows the car comes up beside us, u grin, nod at them, and raise ur eyebrows at them. Damn! i love how naughty and nasty u can be!! It drives me wild! Then you part my ass cheeks and dive into my pussy with those hot thick lips of yours drinking all of my juices. I look up at the old man and woman in the car and smile, and shrug my shoulders at them.

You're eating me so hard and slurping so loud I'm sure they can hear you...but at this moment i dont give a shit what they see or hear. I start to circle and grind against ur face, turning to see your face disappear between my legs is so fuckin hot!! I start to push back against you, still grinding, your tongue is fucking me good and fast, my back arches as i explode again. You stop and stand up...i stay there cause i know if i move you're just going to shove me back down...i stay quiet, then i hear the sexiest sound in the world!!! i hear u unzipping very slowly...i hear your boots on the street as you walk around the front of me...i look're looking down as this slow wicked arrogant smile spreads across your face.

You move in close, but slow, torturing can see the hungry look in my eyes as your cock bounces in front of my face. I stick my tongue out, you swipe my tongue with the tip of your tongue slides out to try to taste you, you pull away, with a smirk on your face. I move forward, trying to get to you..."uh uh uh!" u say quietly to me, "you'll get it when i want you to bitch" my dark eyes flash up at you, i give you that pleading look, oh yesss, i can tell it's affecting always does!! i love the control i can have over a man when i use my eyes on him, and with you, especially you, I know i have that kind of power! You look deep into them, holding me with your gaze and are lost in them for a mintue.

Your hand around ur cock...oh shit, here comes another car!!!!...your eyes never leave mine, but i see this slow evil smile play over ur lips. As the car gets closer, you grab a handful of my hair by the back of my head, and just when the car gets in front of us, you thrust your hips hard into my face, and slam that cock down my throat so hard and deep. I glance up in time to see a young guys face as his mouth drops open as i gag on the full length of you...i SUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK SO HARD IT HURTS YOU!! .. but your head drops back and you love it!! You pull back slowly, i surprise you by my teeth grating the tip of your cock as it slips out, it makes u jump!!!! The young little fuck kid, pulls his car off the road with a halt and a screech and jumps out. Without missing a beat, you point at him without looking away from my face. "Get the fuck back in your car!" you snarl at him.

You grab the back of my head and start slapping my face with your dark red dick...I close my eyes enjoying the slapping sounds and the feel of ur cock bouncing off of my cheeks and lips...god i love that!! The young little fuck says, "ok man, i'm goin!" I sneak a look at him from the corner of my eyes. I see him drooling and sliding his hand down his baggy jeans. You know how I love puttin on a show. You allow it to go on for a little bit. But you want my full attention on your cock. So you grab a handful of my hair and say, "C'mon baby show him what your so fuckin good at." But, your attentions are fully devoted to me!!

Then you slide your cock in slowly, i suck you in deep, mmmm, i see your thighs love the way I pleasure you with my mouth. I swirl my tongue around and around with you inside my mouth, wet, hot, slurping sounds driving us both wild!! I know you love fucking my mouth and want to cum in it. I glance over at young fuck, who now has his giant sized cock out and beating it like crazy. But you also can't wait to give me a good hard fuckin pull your cock out of my sucking wet mouth with a loud plop...We hear this loud groan and yelp! I look up in time to see young fuck over there loosin his juices all over himself. I grin and wink at him as i see his cum splash his tummy, down his jeans and squirt up in his long hair. God! i've never seen so much cum from a young fuck like him. Whaaaat are you lookin at bitch? you growl at me.

Just for the hell of it you smack me across the face...i grin up at you, but DID see your cock jump when u smacked wouldn't ever hurt me, but we both love it wild and walk back around slowly...i watch, breathing harder in anticipation..."follow me" you command me. You slowly turn to young fuck with a dark glare. "The shows over kid" you say to him quietly but with authority. You walk down in the ditch and across to a clump of trees...i'm watching that ass of yours as i follow turn to me, and motion for me to come to you. I smile as I walk up to you, you grab me into your arms and kiss me deeply, your mouth moving over and all around mine as your tongue dips in for a sweet taste of my mouth, you kiss me so long, slow, deliberate like you want to own me. No one kisses me like you do! Your kiss is so deep it seems like the world stands still...your hands are all over me.

My hands are groping and searching your hot, wet, sweaty, slick body...whimpers coming from my throat,

You love to make me whimper like that...your big hands has my ass in a tight grip, you start walking me backwards, your mouth still glued to mine. I feel something hard and rough against my one swoop u pick me up by my ass and slam me against the tree, pinning me with your body, i can feel your rock hard cock straining to get inside. My legs open and everything spreads open for you. Your kisses grow hard and demanding, "You want ur lil kitty kat don't you?" I purr at you in a deep sexy voice. You slam hard and deep into me without answering. I gasp against your mouth, my tongue slam fucking your mouth hard and deep as my hips drive into you, wanting to feel every detail of your start to fuck me like a wildly. This time you want me for your own, you want to possess every part of me. I wrap my legs around you tight, fucking you back with evey ounce of energy I have. You cradle me in your arms and turn and lower me to the ground on my back. You lay me down. Look down into my face, I smile up at you, totally disarming reach around under me and start to make tender love to me.

The intensity grows quickly and it's not long before our passion rises again till we're fucking each other like wild kingdom. You're pounding me hard, oh god! my mouth NEEDS something to do...I take your face in my hands and kiss you deeply, then my tongue and teeth are all over your neck and ears, licking, nibbling, tasting, slobbering, sucking, passionately, i can't get enough of you. Your mouth searches and finds mine again. You tongue fuck my mouth in the same rhythm your cock is driving into me...I'm groaning into your mouth, my naills are raking up your back and down again, and across your ass as i feel it pumping and thrusting deeper with each stroke...i pull you into me deeper and harder, our bodies smacking so loud, as we crash into each other over and over body tenses and writhes against yours. I'm about to explode again, you sense it and pull away to watch my face, my orgasm rocks my body, and I close my whisper urgently..."no no baby, open them, I want to see them when you cum...i don't know what you see when you make me do that. But it's ALWAYS what you want. I explode with a scream, "God! fuck! Yesss!" u cry out, "thats so fuckin hot! "

Then i watch your face as I feel your cock swelling as you fill up quickly, you grunt and bury your face in my soft hair. Your body and muscles all tense up. I bite tenderly into your shoulder as you growl deeply from your throat as you cum inside, creamy, thick cum splashes the insides of me....I feel our cum juices pouring from my cunt, sweat is pouring from your body....i love the scent of the trees, grass, wildlife, our cum, sweat, the sweet essence of sex filling the erotic...we kiss deeply, both of us trembling from the hot experience...You gather me into your strong arms and hold me hard and tight against you. It feels like I can't get close enough to you. A sweet little smile curves my lips, you chuckle warmly as you see it. I lay my cheek against ur chest and puuurrrrr. Like a content little kitten would after having her bowl of warm milk....
mmm that was good for me..i wrote that just now, for you...hope u enjoyed it..

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