*Pissed off Kitty in Heat*  

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5/22/2006 9:31 pm

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*Pissed off Kitty in Heat*

>well i do believe i could make you blush!! I am a lady at times, but when the mood strikes me to be a naughty wonton playful naughty tease of a putty tat, well you just never know what i'm going to do next, well you should ask the guy over on cleveland...ooopppssss!!! shhhhhh!! i think he wanted that kept confidential...oh but here is the offline he left me tonight, hubby thought i was out shopping, *ssshhhhh* "you sure do suck a good dick...love that tongue action" oh and i don't let them get away with just a blow job anymore, i told a guy that i knew from AdultFriendFinder that i ran into at marc's when he escorted me out to his truck in the parking lot in the RAIN, that from now on if i don't get anything, it's 50 bucks for the blow job!!! he looked at me like i was kidding or something! i mean i can expect that out of young teens but for god's sake 40 year olds??? what the fuck is that about? specially when they do all this braggin in their profiles, oh, i always take care of your needs first, many times over, hell! it's all they can do to get their breath back and get a normal color to their face, get rid of that glazed look that crosses over their eyes once they explode, let alone get another hard on to take care of me once they get a blow job....well that's what i told that guy on cleveland, ok, once your color returns to normal and your thighs stop shakin and your eyes aren't glassy no more then it's my turn, i think he thought I didnt mean it...lol. just don't piss off a kitty in heat! remember that! ---------------------------------------------------

rm_eric73 41M

5/22/2006 10:20 pm


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