Scared of finding your sexuality?  

wildcat_n_foxy 41M/45F
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5/30/2006 3:13 pm

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6/2/2006 2:11 pm

Scared of finding your sexuality?

After nosing through the blogs, with nothing to catch our eyes, we returned to our own blog to find a suggestive comment from another blogger. Curiosity peaked, we hopped over to his blog and scanned through his postings. One of posts belonging to Ultimate_Sexpest did strike a chord with us... but we thought it might need a slight reality check: namely bisexuality.

As an active bi-couple we thought that the Pest's post was slightly inaccurate. We felt we had to correct a few details...

Bisexuality has many different downsides. Jealousy and fear being the two main flaws in otherwise what should be a perfect harmony of sexual liberation and freedom. A random quote that i recall suggests that
"there is no such thing as homosexuals, there are just homosexual acts"
and from that, a logical conclusion could be made. There are no such things as heterosexuals, only heterosexual acts. Therefore, bisexuals don't exist - only the availability of hetero- and homosexual acts.

That is ofcourse merely playing with words. Despite the fact that people generally are secure in their own sexual orientation, stripping the world of such labels and suggesting that any sexual combination was permitted if you so chose it - i feel - might upset a lot of people. So much for a sexually liberated society.

But I've strayed from the woodland path...
Bisexuality is not just the meeting point between straight and gay sex-lives, it is a vast swirling and often obscure ocean of possibilities and dead-end alleys. A heterosexual woman who fantasises about another woman when masturbating - is she gay? A gay man who is attracted towards a stunningly beautiful woman - has he just become straight? Or are they both really closet bisexuals? Isn't everyone at some level really lurking in a closet? And then to further confuse the situation, we've got to deal with the bi-bisexuals. Bi-curious? Or just plain bi-confusing?

Have a close look at peoples profiles on AdultFriendFinder. You'll find (because I've found) men that like having their cocks sucked & enjoy returning the favour. But anal penetrative sex? That's off the menu for most. Surely if they were bisexual (like me) or bi-curious (like Wildcat), then a modicum of penetration should be on the menu. So if not a main-course selection, does that imply that such a person is not bisexual? And if they were genuinely "curious", then surely occaisonal penetration would be a possibility... No? So if you are not fully bisexual, or truly bi-curious, and only have the odd fantasy or "dirty" thought, are you only straight (with kinky edges)?


How many times have you enetered a bar or a niteclub where women are tearing each others hair out?...why, you ask yourself? Women can attract other women without either realising it...or even attract your best-friends's not that they'd love to be you, it's what your boyfriend / girlfriend is attracted to.

Ofcourse being a female myself, i'd be a liar to say that the same sex don't attract me never mind my boyfriend, there's nothing like a cute butt or a beautiful pair of breasts that jutt out and ask to be, us women are not perverted but it's nature...sexual attractiveness is not just to the opposite sex, why should it be? Can any woman out there honestly say that she does'nt glance at another womans butt or breasts, even a waist-line?

A beautiful pair of long shapely legs, a womans nipples that are jutting through her top?
A full sensual mouth that you know you want to kiss? Our eyes could tell all, so could other parts of our anatomy if only we could see...some of us women know how to hide it...but why?

Be honest with's nature and natural, it does'nt make us a lesbian but only sexually orientated regardless of gender, don't be afraid to experiment, you never know, you might just enjoy it....


rm_luv2blesbo 40M
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5/30/2006 4:23 pm

Bisexuality is harder to pigeon hole than gay or straight, or is it the line between gay or straight. Can you be a little bit gay?
I love women, love heterosexual sex and am attracted to women, however I fantasise about sex with another man but during a 3 or 4some with a woman (i.e. 2 bi couples). Not just cock sucking but including penetration, and would jump at the chance of being in between a couple having a guy screwing me while I’m screwing the woman.
However I don’t look at guys and find them attractive nor do they turn me on like a woman does.
Does this mean I’m gay, bisexual, bi curious or just kinky round the edges!


wildcat_n_foxy 41M/45F

5/31/2006 10:18 am

Perhaps you are kinky-round-the-edges? And at the end of the day, if you don't like the label that has been slapped on you, peel it off and apply your own!

That sandwich scenario sounds like fun! We're looking for a similar sort of experience. Good luck on your sexual journey L2BL, happy hunting...


rm_luv2blesbo 40M
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6/1/2006 12:01 am

I don't do labels anyhow! I just look for the fun.

Hope you find what your looking for too.


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