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wildangelinneed 42F
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7/30/2006 5:13 pm

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2/4/2007 5:56 pm

Please read

Ok tell me this may come out wrong but please see where I am coming from..

I mean really are you all sick of having one night stand? or the ones that you Fuck and then its supposed to be a one nighter get hooked???

I am sick of the games that come with it and hope that no one get played....I believe everyone is ment fro someone no matter what they look like. so tell me what your point on one night stands and where your heart should be at please and thank you all

rm_mainevern 51M
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7/30/2006 6:51 pm

Wild angel, one night stands are ok if there's nothing better available. For me, a little close human company can take some of the edge off being long term alone (5 year dry spell for me now and counting). As long as both understand clearly what it is and it provides some needed comfort, I can't knock it.

Someday I may have something more meaningful and that will probably change my outlook.

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8/3/2006 9:10 am

One night stands are O.K. as long as each party understands what's ahead. You can't be naieve to think it could be more or try to turn into something more. If you think you are being played, don't spend the night.

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magictongue819 42M
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8/3/2006 2:30 pm

It's an interesting topic you throw out there. As long as both parties are fully aware and are in agreement that one nighters are just that, then they should be left as such. Personally I would rahter not have a one nighter because although they are fun, it would be better to get more out of it. Maybe a friends with benefits thing.

rm_lixnodix 59M
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8/3/2006 8:07 pm

One night stands are practice for the next night.

BlestTanksZings 52M

8/31/2006 4:32 pm

I think one night stands happen when both agree upon it and know that there's nothing expected of it. Longer relationships are nice but again, both should understand what is to be expected. Right person will know from the chemistry that is set from conversations and actions before hittiing the bedroom.

saved3 65M

5/9/2009 9:20 am

You never know untill you meet, but if it feels right, go for it.

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