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Recently, I have been doing a bit of travelling and it has not ended yet. Last Friday, I drove to Virginia Beach. I drove back on Sunday. Traffic was a bit much but not too bad. Monday, I drove to Philly for a meeting on Tuesday. The trip was not bad but the weather sucked. I drove back today and traffic and weather sucked. Lastly, Friday I drive back to Philly for leave.
I will be very busy driving.

The whole point of this is that today, I became very impatient today driving to my meeting. The traffic was horrible. I sat in traffic for 3 hours. I did not know what was going on but I assumed that it was just traffic. What I did not know was that there was a terrible accident. It shutdown the highway and 2 people lost their lives. I pray for their families.

I am writing this because I had to reflect on why I became so impatient. There was no excuse for it. I was just in a hurry to get to my meeting on time. I thought about is my life not that important to rush to my meeting. Why not slow down, get there safely, and be there to the ones I care about.

I realized that nothing is that important to risk my life so haphazardly. I have a job that already does that, and would do it if necessary. But to be in a rush because of traffic. Forget it.

Well, just wanted to share a revelation I had while stuck in traffic.

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6/27/2006 2:19 pm

WIKYD ~ I think it's easier when you travel with someone ... It doesn't take your focus off of the driving, but it makes the trip more "pleasurable" ... Well, at least more entertaining. I tend to amuse myself more than most folks when travelling. I have a very long, solitary commute each way, each work day. I've been doing it for nearly three years now. I make the trip because I love my job, and I work with some pretty cool folks. So ... here are some things I do to humor me (and often passersby) to while away the 90 minutes to 2+ hours each way:

1. I sing all of the time, all different types of music. Occasionally I serenade the other motorists with my windows down. I've had applause and some cute smiles ... No tomatoes or "shaddups" as of yet.

2. I blow bubbles. Yes, you heard me ... I blow bubbles. It is one of my favorite childhood activities, and I have a very clean steering wheel as a result of it.

3. I make-up words and/or phrases with the letters in folks' license plates.

4. I try to decipher folks' vanity plates, if they're not readily readable.

5. I incorporate all of the math I have learned (all the way through trigonometry) to get to the highest possible number using the numbers on folks' license plates, starting with "1."

I do not:

1. Put on make-up. Heck ... I barely wear it as it is.
2. Read (unless stuck in bumper-to-bumper Wilson Bridge traffic).
3. Pick my nose. (Have you NOTICED how many folks do this???)
4. Exhibit signs of road rage since a police officer pulled me over nearly two years ago, and I fast-talked my way out of a ticket ... praising God the entire time (in my mind) that the officer did not realize I had a dead county and dead inspection sticker, too! (This after I'd flipped-off the officer for following me too closely and motioning for him to go around me ... not knowing, of course, that it was an officer of the law.)

As a paramedic who DOES sit in traffic my mind often wonders if there is something "up ahead." And while I, too, hate the wasted time that sitting in traffic often seems to entail, I am very thankful that the majority of times that's just what it is ... and no such accident or wreckage is evident.

Maybe next I'll come up with poems or songs for the Road Rager in all of us. It could happen.

Safira {=}

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wikydimagin8ion replies on 6/27/2006 2:49 pm:
Thank you for those helpful hints. I appreciate that. I will have to try those things. Maybe it will help out in the drives for me. I know what you mean by the don'ts. I will try your techniques. I will remember not to flip anyone the finger. Never know who is behind you.

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