When to give and when to give in?  

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1/9/2006 8:08 pm

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When to give and when to give in?

Life is sometimes a rat race. It has always been important to me to escape that in which ever manner deem necessary. I have learned that it is not escaping it that frees you, it is what is inside you that sets you free from the rest.

We choose our friends, we choose our moods, we choose to be happy or we choose to cry. We choose to be strong, we choose to be stubborn. We choose to be unforgiving, or we choose to overlook the mistakes. We choose to step up to the plate, or we choose to sit in the batting cages.

Life is full of choices that we either succeed or fail in. After every choice, I can promise there's a new one awaiting to be made. It is all up to us. Do what makes you feel good, live in today and sweep the yester-tears under the rug! Accept your yesterdays & learn from them.

Follow your heart with passion. The Greeks say if a man dies, they ask one question: "Did he have passion?" Let's hope he did. Because no women wants to be loved by an empty soul, and no love is as astounding as one with passion. And if you haven't got that, you haven't got love.

Love is such a strong word. Yet for some who are unable to say it, I wonder what love truly is to them. I wonder have they ever been loved before? For if you have not ever felt love, then there is no reason to say it. And if you have felt love, there is nothing that can stop you from saying it, showing it, doing it, or proving it! It is unbelievable.

A one sided love is the hardest kind to experience. It is the toughest to understand, and toughest to overcome...Until you are ready to overcome it. Until you are ready to move on, and accept things for what they are.

There is a love for everyone of us out there, somewhere. I think we are given love when we can handle having it. When we can handle appreciating it. When we can handle giving more of ourselves then what we want in return.

Love is no different then how you would treat those you choose to help. Do you expect them to give back? Or do you give because you "choose" to give? Because you "want" to give?

I have been told that I am extremely resiliant. I can bounce back from detrimental's quite easily. It is not that it is easy for me to bounce back, it is my choice to bounce back. Believe me, sometimes it is hard to pick myself up off the ground. But I do not wish to live in my past; I will remember it, learn from it, reflect on it.

But I do not choose to live an unhappy life...bottom line. And the days we are given in life are too precious to live unhappily. Find it within yourselves, to take your moments of happiness and grow on those. Take your moments of weakness & be truthful to yourself to what causes them. Take your moments of selfishness & learn to be a better person.

Remember...to every action...there is a reaction. Every decision you make on how you want to relate in your past, current, and future relationships will affect the other party involved. Ask yourself..... How long and close do you want to be to this person? Is it necessary to hold your feelings at bay in the beginning? And if you do......by not giving your all....Will you be losing the most amazing person in your life?

When to give and when to give in? I believe that is the ultimate question...

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