this would be rant's & rave's young fools & some of our AFF MEN.  

wifey3223 47F
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8/19/2006 8:55 am
this would be rant's & rave's young fools & some of our AFF MEN.

I receive allot of emails, some don't know how to talk. LIke one this morning, I'm horny & want some pussy,,jacking off. Is that how you ask.or respond to a lady? This isn't hooker vile.....act like what you want & expect in return. Then, I have this young ass fool been on me since, day one on this site. He's getting married & he keeps asking me to se me. So he invited me to see him & his fiancee. I finally accepted cause, he kept responding like a real young man. So today, I awake he says , I don't think she likes "fat girl's". Did , I miss something I didn't email you & initiate this , he /she or they did. I keep saying don't play games. It's not only this young man lately,but some older jerks also ,undeceive, unsure of they're self's & life. Would you like female, small, which ever of you're liking to play with you.That's why? so many females lay you AdultFriendFinder men, they do as yawl do them.I'm gonna start screening tougher, chatting longer, before meeting etc. A FEW BAD APPLES MAKE IT BAD FOR THE SERIOUS ONES. And he was 5 star's, most of them are real. Being called fat, big girl doesn't upset me. It's they're lost, I have allot going for myself, looks, self esteem, life, family, job & more. I could go on for days, & as I. Always say someone else's stupidity, will not lower my standard's. I have accepted, & slept with men. I'd never have chosen if, I wasn't on this site.Because of this site, I have let go of all my miss judgment's. I have sleep with white, heavy men, skinny men ,men I was surprised about, even sexy, men off all sizes, big boned worked out brother's. I'm saying it to say, I would of never thought . The men , I have saw liked bbw, of course some are behind door's too. And when, some are horny , they don't care,or is it. They saw & liked my personality,or me? ANY HOW, THIS WON'T MESS UP MY DAY, OR MAKE ME SMILE ANY LESSER. We as women need to learn to not let men make us feel, incompetent or insufficient & these ladies trying to get they're pussy ate. But not wanting to do in return, it's not you're size on a sex site,but attraction, education, sexual levels, de finance & alliance too me? please don't waste my time. I ain't going no where, I'll be here. How long will you, the word gets out on AdultFriendFinder. This was a west land couple playing games, I won't say they're real comp names. But they re-did they're profile , claim to have hotel room in romulus, seem real & aren't.I'm calling you all out not real, & praying for you, as a friend to me & as a child of god. For what you sew, you shall reap one day!!!!

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