this is for my 'AUBURN HILLS MAN' you know who you are.  

wifey3223 47F
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1/29/2006 10:03 am

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7/18/2006 7:18 am

this is for my 'AUBURN HILLS MAN' you know who you are.

You read me inside & out but youre running. Expalin to me, how 2 people yearning to be loved are so scared to spend time together. Im a willing bunny , why? are you so scared damon. Yes..... I wrote this just for you. There's nothing wrong with alotof bump in grind. I want to describe our next sexuall encounter. Im coming over, in lingeria & thongs & a trench coat that's all. A basket of sexual delight surprises, I lean down neal on my knee's. Why? to get ready to suck on that deliciouse long dick of youre's. I lick from the back to the front till, youre knee's buckle.Then, I bend you over on youre antic white furnture & finish the job rimming that juicy black ass. Then, I take you yo youre most comfortable,well lighted by my candels I brought. To youre bed, we kiss passionetly, then I reach for my rope tie you up in a gentle manor. You deseve to be loved this wildly, passionetly, & long as you did me our first time. I lick & suck you some more then >>>>>I pour choclate down over you , whip cream & a cherry to boOT.I want to see if you'll make me as hot as the first time. I wet his bed like a school girl, he made me do things, feel things like I never felt. I want to fuck you in a chair, in the shower, in youre kitchein all over the place. Lets wine & dine each other on aquarise & pisces connection. Dont be afraid ,I wont hurt you !!!! Let me help put the pieces back...............PLEASE.
LOVE RED......Ill be waiting.wifey3223/trooper YOU HAVENT FORGOTTEN HOW YOU MADE ME SQUIRT HAVE YOU!!!!!!!

blkftd 42M

1/30/2006 4:00 pm

Wow man, I don't even know what to say baby. I am not running at all. Wow! Damn. He He I am in black man blush for real now. He He But no, not running at all. Was thinking about ya(btw baby, you were supposed to hit me back up that night after an hour remember.)for real, but dozed big time. Don't worry, we will work it out in more ways than one.

He He I really am like floored now by this.... You know I am down, we just need a few hours to work out our frustrations again and we can do that and more, you know. For real. Not running sweetie, just hectic this weekend "for both of us", you know?! We are going to have to do some weeknight quickies I think if you can and are down.

And you know I will let you do what you want to it and me. You did such a great job and I told you I wanted to bust last time. I will just let you do what you want. And you know I will make you hot as the last time, and remember, you didn't even bring toys. He He And yes, I remember how you squirted and squirted and squirted, it was great. We will have to see if I can squirt you out again.

I have a little blood flow to the penile tissue just reading this. And don't think I am running, that is not the case at all. I did tell you though the situation and I think you know what I am saying, but nope, not running at all baby. From some heat like yours, you should know better than that. We will just have to make it up to each other.

And I am not afraid at all, just weird assed me. LOL We talked abt that too.

We will talk for sure. I am still here man.


wifey3223 47F
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1/31/2006 3:08 am

yes, baby & ILL EVEN LET & TAKE A LOST ONE YA KNOW. BLUSH ON ,ITS coming. and yes, im aware of the no girlfriend issue, but let me be there. were cool as we are. red , wifey3223 you deserve to see & be treated as you put out, sexy. id love to see those big eyes blushing, of youre's . love renee'>>>let me do you!!!! and what i want, this time toys are comign rope, cool whip & more.

blkftd 42M

1/31/2006 3:10 pm

Ok,ok. Very cool indeed sweetie! I am trying to catch ya online right quick and your probably sleep, but you know it's cool with me. But we will talk for sure! And toys sound great. You just better be ready. I will let you take control for sure. And let and take a lost one? You will have to break that one down for me. He He

wifey3223 47F
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2/1/2006 5:43 pm

yes,blkftd.... im totaly willing to take it when it breaks loose for you. i really like you & THERE ISNT ANY strings attached. i like being free really, im happy with visits just as you are.some times words just dont have to be said, just being together, when ever meaNS MORE THEN WORDS. when youre ready to just enjoy what you deseve, let me know. im forgiving & not trying to over shawdow you at all. In fact, felt that way when we sexed & enjoyed you to the utmost. love red.

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