reservations, why? must people still put me on there level.  

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1/26/2006 3:11 am

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reservations, why? must people still put me on there level.

Good morning, I was thinking of this in bed last night & early this morning. I talk to so many men & a few women from all over. But last night (3) stood out,one I met sunday we enjoyed each other's company. He's coming out of bad divorce, which left some finacial situations, he seems for the most part to be nice.Unfortenatly, I went threw the same thing , but I didnt allow the man to put me in finacial ruians. He tried, I went from always fully stocked house to can't keep anything. I never put him on bank account,I never had him over important things , like car note, bills. Just because a person looks responsible or youre in a relationship dosnt mean they are. I also pissed off a few men yesterday,one wanted to see me friday late. Well my days start at 330 so for me to see you late, I been up 24 hrs already. I told him, why? SHOULD I make such a unfair request, when I ask him about weeeknds he goes blank. THis is a caucasion man, although sexy. I Told him were the same 'no ones know better then the other here, I MEANT WHITE & black.' He PLAYS STUPID WHAT? did I do, By then hes clicking in & out of chat& inmature. Ive Seen Him With Many BLK women, LIke I TOLD him dont show youre color know!!!!! I became bitch, fat ass & more..........he didnt upset me. I deleted his testimonie, blocked his ass & Im threw with him. White or blk no games like I said!!!!!!!!! I have alot calling blocking there number, Ill no longer answer or chat with them . If , I give you my number Im good enough to get youre's!!!!!!!! Then , One of my regulars is acting up soyo555 . I havent seen him since x-mas week. SO he just drops in one night, I was sleep sent him back & he didnt get past security. I Know hes seeing other AdultFriendFinder females. I never have with any man lost my place, when Im no 1. Its always that, I will not settle for a few hrs, days , etc. Like, IM LEFT OVERS.........I dont treat any of you men like that & NONE OF YAL WILL ME. I notice aLOT READ , MY BLOGS faithfuly. So, Ill continue to post my feelings, if it helps others to see me inside. I also barely have time to chat, I Check my emails in the am before going to work. I get alot of private chats, so you all know. My life isn't at this key board, I dont meaN TO BE MEAN. I also dont like caming, for sex, be real in person or step! There's so many kinds of freaks yal would be surprised, I have men who send me pics of them nutting. Who want me to undress on cam, in chicago & more. I dont mind phone sex sometimes, only when Im not horny. (lol) I try so hard to please other's & need to spend more time pleasing renee or wifey3223. Im there for everyone, & know Ive added busy , dominating AdultFriendFinder to a already busy life. If yal saw my days sometimes, Id earn respect. I also pissed a older man off, I like diesel cause of time etc. He claims to be busy like me,& yet was upset. Another issue,is I have a contract phone . I talk at work to alot of you, That also has to stop.Running way over on daytime miutes, had to cut phone back on after went off . Some talk to wifey3223 like its a telephone,lol. SO if youre calling (am) just leave message. Ill call you back later. I love AdultFriendFinder, & I use it as a dating tool & more. But, I wont let any of you compramise my goals & life.Stay blessed & lets keep it real youre friend in jesus wifey3223. I picked this pic to post with this article cause , were toasting to all of you. Im NOT HARD TO GET along with or concedied.Im not settling just for sex, yal come a dime a dozen.I have plenty believe me,on or off AdultFriendFinder.

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1/26/2006 5:42 am

You need to get a spelling checker.

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