LIfe is a bowl of cherrie's & or what you make of it?  

wifey3223 47F
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8/12/2006 8:20 am
LIfe is a bowl of cherrie's & or what you make of it?

This my second time writing this,hope I still have all my thought's. Let me first say, I made a sexy video with a old buddy off AdultFriendFinder blkftd. IT was lost & know I have it again. anyone wanting to view it needs to be on y....! I was saying , I'm meeting allot of married men , truck driver's & out of towner's. I see allot of post in the magazine, about why? married men or men act funny. I just recently met one, I enjoyed meeting & thought was attractive. He spent our brief encounter asking me was, I worried about my job,or co-worker's seeing me or knowing. I said NO. WHY do I have to hide or should I feel ashamed. JUst like my boss is my best friend, I met her bother who had flew in from texas. I guess after, I left she asked his opinion of me or how we meet. She said he replied, you deal with the help. I told her she should of told him in our kind of business. THe Bose's fuck most of they're employee's. IF he had told me that, I would of made him eat his stupid comment. HE wa sin the navy, corpal she said. HE didn't seem that stuck up or cocky, he wasn't a looker. Hair reseeding & more, I couldn't believe he said it. And didn't have the heart to tell my girl what, I really though of him & her family.Know getting back to married me, I'm not gonna pull you're dick out lie, or trick you into bed. I'm not gonna ask you why? you want it or why? don't you leave? As my dad say's we all make our bed's hard, we lay in it. WE AL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD, one day why? we did what we do. WE ALL HAVE SIN'S OR POISONS. I just want to be happy, sexually, mentally & more. When, I meet a real man I"LL Know it. Ive had some turn me down & say they're not looking for love. Did he think , Id fall in love or him , either way? I was flattered to hear they thought that. Because as my dad say's dick comes a dime a dozen. Allot of men also can't deal with us women knowing what we want, getting & receiving it as that. why? not we do like soyo555, darius3333 & all my many more. I don't say where the hell you been , I just enjoy them for that moment & day. TRUTH IS if a man wants it hell find away.Lately, I get allot of inquiring emails. how are you, hope I didn't this? etc. Just ask what you really want, or they talk about the other men. Why? what do you want .. I'm not gonna spend my 10,20 minutes of what could eb my last asking why? but instead doing what, I desire. Remember that when you hit me up, don't waste my time. If you just wan look at me, look at al the pictures, I have on line in my network & Blogs .

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