I DONT KNOW MAYBE ITS ME OR NOT. but i feel sad alot from some aff men.  

wifey3223 47F
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2/13/2006 7:25 pm

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7/18/2006 7:17 am

I DONT KNOW MAYBE ITS ME OR NOT. but i feel sad alot from some aff men.

Is it ME , BECAUSE IM A HAppy PERSON, CONFIDENT. SO MANY MISUNDERSTAND ME. I MEET ALOT OF MEN, BUT FEW STAND OUT IN MY HEAD . I have 1 know, I lIKE ALOT NO MATTER WHAT, I say we dont work. We seem fine in bed, I never saw a man not have any feeling. I think, it dosnt work cause Im to nice. He sAY's its me like my husband , or men who werent on my level. He seems so much like me in ways acept hes not longing for attention, love. why? do we as women keep bangin our heads on the wall. I know , I should just walk away, hell never acept me for me, or even as a lover.ALOT . say Im A OPEN book, I wonder sometimes. How? a person like me got online, ONe moment Im diggin AdultFriendFinder, and the other Im more confused. Is it cause other women just use this for sexing, they dont make friends, or care for more? I dont know, im not gonna over analize, or generalize. !,2,,3 men out of almost 750 whats the odds, i say oh well. Im always tryin to be a friend to my worst enemys & they dont think nothing of me. We cant help everyone, thats why? like when a bum wants money. You have a purse full but you keep on walking. you could help but he/she dosnt realy want it, they just want there liquore . which is the lesser or two eviles? Id love to hear yal coments to confuse me more, I think Im gonna walk away. Ill never be nothing to him, but a stepping stool!!!!

rm_ogjuly9 30M
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2/14/2006 12:34 am

i was in a situation like that too but thats just a waste of time for u and the other person i say if its just about the sex let that be in the open but if u want more then u do need to walk away and i wouldn't mind if u walked over here to California

wifey3223 47F
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2/14/2006 2:16 am

oqjuly9>thnaks ur right, i like this guy sexualy, totaly he tells me i dont know him, weve only known each other a month its not al about dick to me, but to him he dsont care about sex he claims. if so why? do me then? ya know only twice but exceptional sex, not quick, loving, long, timely, attentive, wild , passionet sex. i think i need to walk away only because he dsont care, a person who had a blk heart will hurt you. and im no willing to be hurt no more, im a lover thats all. i asked him well why? di you come to AdultFriendFinder then, hes the 2-3 standard mem with this problem. im begging to bel other's on here, gold, silver mem are more seriouse. red

blkftd 42M

2/15/2006 11:26 am

Ha Ha Interesting. Very interesting. I am this individual that is being spoken of and I probably shouldn't comment, but I am(you know the two sides to the coin thing here applies).

Lets see, how should I put it? I don't care for being smothered and at the same time, I don't like having things thrown in my face. For example, this thread is all innocent as written by the writer, but I was told "maybe that is why my marriage didn't work" after I said I simply need and respect my space after coming out of a 5 yr marriage and on top of that, I haven't known this woman except for a month. I mean, according to you wifey, you have tons of men that want to be down with you, and I told you that is completely fine with me. I also told you that I have another person also, you took it upon yourself to ask me what she does and how she interacts with me. You then took it upon yourself to say that I preferred her over you. Well to be honest, that is going to be a given because she and I hve known each other much longer and at the same time we have alot of things in common. And most importantly as I told you, she did not bogard her way into my life saying "I want to spend more time with you" and "saying that you see inside me" after only conversating with me for a short period of time. I dont' work like that man, and in my opinion and existence things will happen naturally. They do not have to be forced or spoken on a million times if it is meant to be. Maybe you do not operate like that, and as I said to you, that is cool. But don't try and force me into thinking the way you do, and when I don't you say I am blackhearted or that I am walking all over you. That simply is not true. What it really is is that maybe you do not understand what I am saying to you. And at this point I cannot help you with that because you dont' want to.

All I told and asked you was to chill out man, and just go with the flow. You know, show me how cool of a girl you are and to let me "want" to hang out with you(that is what my dumb ass was thinking). But you couldn't. You decided to say and imply as you did with this thread that your such an innocent and positive woman that is just a victim which in this case couldn't be further from the truth. And as far as the "why do we as women keep banging our heads against the wall" comment, give me a break. If that is the case which I am not saying that it is, why do we as men do the same thing after we get hurt by a woman? I mean just like I told you, generalizations! I am not any other man as I told you before. I do not think with my dick! I have a brain in the head on my shoulders, and I do use it. I do not get pussy whipped so all of the little "other people don't think this abt me" stuff doesn't really matter, because for example(and bra, please don't be too offended, but I am going to use it to further my case) the commenter above stated at the end that "he wouldn't mind you walking to California". This is exactly what I was telling you abt the personal motivations that people have that tell you these things on this site and possibly in public. They will deny it, but in the back of their minds, they have a purpose for the things they say. I am not going to say that I never have motivations of the sort, but for the most part, I am brutally blunt, especially when it comes to my existence. Which is another thing I told you. In all honesty in this sense, it is not me not respecting you for who you are, it is you not respecting me for who I am and what I am trying to achieve in my life and existence.

That is retarded to think that I am going to fall all in with you like that and that is what I told you. Does that mean I am stepping all over you? NO! That simply means that I am being honest as I was with you in telling you that maybe you jump head first into things, and that is fine if that is what works for you, but I don't do that anymore! It hasn't and does not work for me in the end that way.

The funny thing is while your sitting saying that I walked all over you and have a black heart, I was constantly not saying anything negative. Tell me one thing that I said please, I even suggested that you go back and read everything you said since you couldn't understand why I was getting angry(I was thinking, mabye if she reads this again and puts herself in my shoes or the recieveing party, she will understand). I have no problem at all with being made to be a monster, but please have some class at least be completely honest about your part in the whole conversation and scenerio. For example, I was coming on here simply to read your blogs like I did before because maybe, just maybe I possibly was a bit harsh in how I was like "holla back"(besides, I told you that I enjoyed reading them). But this just proves it man, I was completely correct in my decision.

I mean jesus man! Give me a break. Yes, the sex was passionate, and it was great, but what good is it if the person your sexing is going to be all over you like a glove? And also if the person is going to lash out at you? For real? I mean, I am going to say this and I mean it completely from the bottom of my heart. I told you when you lashed out the first time that if I had known you for a long time, you really would have hurt me by what you said. If I was dogging or walking all over you, or I was a doggish motherfucker I would have been like "bitch you don't fucking know me or cussed your ass out" because what you said was very foul to say the least, and very out of your place. I never commented as I told you on your ex or anything about that because that is not my place. But I am a monster(or should I say a bum not sensible enough to take help from someone that I just met or has known me for a month). I guess so be it.

I still say good luck to you.

wifey3223 47F
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2/15/2006 6:17 pm

well, im not gonna delete what he wrote, cause as usual i keep it real. my commnet about his ex, was if you treat her like you do me, its no wonde why? things ddint work. i react to reactions of the individuaL, I DO HAVE A HABIT OF going off, when pissed. yes , we had passionete sex, that normally speaks for it self, how can i fit him like a glove when we only saw each other 2.we made a videio, more then one, we sex like were fit, afterwards we disagree. it simply means were lovers only, we dont need to conversate. and for the record, i still dont agree with you!!!! im not changing my take, i talked to other men about you, they felt you were letting me down. and i tried tro walk on eggs shells, i think you should keep fucking who you are seeing or better yet, just get off online. i dont think its all me, becasue i dont get too many to complain about me. anyone who knows aquarise people know well give our last dime. why? the hell would i drive from southfield to university drive, far for nothing. i just simply dug this man, and still do to be honest. but i know hell never understand me, and itll always be this way after sex get out bitch. with my job, as a mother, as a alady, know one can take that from me, no one even online, in person will ever make me fell lesser then , i do. thats why? im leaving this post, i dont care.who see's it, you wont stop the show or party here. stay blessed , be happy, skate on.red

wifey3223 47F
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2/18/2006 1:52 am

hey, hell probally not visit this piece again, i was thinking my blk heart comment came from him. Like ,I said any one whos meet me, some come & go. But waht makes this man unique we keep going back to one another, you see its games. just keep it real, honest & dont keep making arguments. you men now, why? men keep making arguements. if you read all about me & this man youd be confused to. for those who saw my video pieces, this is the man???? confused me to.red but ill just go on, dick comes a dime a dozen. and like i told him, for me to ride to get him is unusual for me, most come to me. co-workers saw my truck in that area , now i dont go that far.I gave myself to him, 100% of jump street, no games he seems so down to earth. unconditional, & then it all changed?

sircumalott00 51M

2/20/2006 9:45 am

Hello sweetheart,I'd just like to say,maybe you did throw yourself out there too quick.I am the same way,I feel the need to know a person for longer than a month before catching all the feelings...You may develope feelings within the first month,but it's up to the individual to throw all their emotions out there and let it be known how they feel to the other party.Which maybe too quick for some to respond to in the way you expect...It is true, that you can't help anothers feelings for some one else or for you.I've been through the same situation,where the woman and I had very good sex and she caught feelings from the first time and expected me to feel the same way about her when she knew from the door that I was married (seperated),but still married.It took awhile for her to get message,but she finally caught on and now we remain friends,and occationally have good sex still.She would give me the world as I would do for her,and we go on with our lives without the drama of her throwing shit in my face about my wife and me without throwing it in her face about her man.So it could work bothways sweetheart...If you can't stand the heat...you know the deal.But don't let no one make you feel less than a woman or knock you off you square...you know your heart and you know the type of person you are and the type of person you desire....So there is no need to bang your head on the wall,just move on.You have that option,you make the choices in your life...and it's all up to you to make the right one.No one knows whats right FOR YOU.Take care sweetheart

wifey3223 47F
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2/20/2006 1:38 pm

WELL THANK YOU SIRCOMALOT000, HES ALSO IN MY NETWORK. I RWEALLY FEEL MISSUNDERSTOOD ON THIS PIECE, I NEVER ONCE SAID I LOVE YOU TOTHIS MAN, OR GAVE ANY INTINATION. ALL I DID WS SEX HIM & SHOW CONCERN, CONCERN IS WHAT HE FEELS IS TO MUCH, MAYBE IT IS FOR HIM, MAYBE HE NEVER RECIVED IT. BUT IM A CARING, LOVING & PASSIONATE WOMEN JUST AS MY PROFILE SAYS. i ask questions, before sexing, i like to know all about you & youre life. i just dont run to the bed, and im not ashamed of my skeletons in my closet. shit, ive told yal most of them, im honest, direct & have nothing to hide. men are gonna see his point & or maybe mine. either way i dont care cause the only one who trully knows is him & i. i think hes full of shit,wrong, & over analizized the situation. some things just need time, some people have to grow on one another. i told him alot misunderstand me, im trully unique & diffrent from alot of women out here. let me show you, if theyre are any men who met me, in real life.dont mind please tell them youre impression of me? im acepting of most , thats all i was trying to do.theyre is some things, i didnt like, i was e way to his house. someone had caled him hung up, i called after he asked was it me. shit like that, i felt was crazy. i dont even call his house, only called then for him to meet me where he always does. he always try's putting something on me, like almost picking a fight. what ever.......!!!!>>> i left this here to view ,i guess im leaving my self open to misunderstanding 's more. all these blog's & people still dont understaND ME.

wifey3223 47F
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2/20/2006 1:41 pm

ps, & i know theyre are misspelled words? critics. i tried to fix them & erased alot instead. so i hope you all get general ideal.

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