As real as, I keep it.... I still get asked these questions?  

wifey3223 47F
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1/5/2006 4:27 pm

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3/26/2006 1:24 pm

As real as, I keep it.... I still get asked these questions?

1> what are you looking for?
2>have you been with a female, are you bi-ex?
3>when can we meet? are you real/
4> youre a busy lady, etc
5> im also tierd of men asking for sex, we need to see if were compatible, go out, meet & greet etc.
6>this is for DONUCHANGE'' he asked me not to change ,he did right before my eye's?lol
7> keep saying not looking to sex everyone,not hard up, not looking to eat any & every b---h pussy either?
8> im also not ashamed or hiding from nosy,co-workers. im all about realness, im not ashamed of any of my desires, if you see me on here yourer doing the same.da?
9> a co-worker at my job asked me wa , I WIFEY3223 he dsont rem what i look like? lol
was , i supposed to buckle, or jam up. nope , didnt....! why? im grown, i answer to one men who label women on her, yal are no better. like a man told me today & everyday. class stands out, thats what makes me also tierd of being asked,questons. use youre browser, read peoples profile's & blogs,learn them . think with something beside's ur dick& pussy. there's more to sex then cumming.....!!!!! &&&&&& wifey3223 once agin.


1/5/2006 7:06 pm

That's because, hon...folks don't know what to DO with real. So many of us use the net as a fantasy land...with so many of us playing games, we can't believe that not everyone's doing the same damned thang.


Some of us are looking for real folks no matter where we happen to be. One thing about're gonna get real. DEAL WITH IT.

wifey3223 47F
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1/6/2006 2:07 am

thank's nitachell> she's real to & fun. _see_ all you hetrosexuall , scared folks. I used to be one of yal,palgued by a lesbian, gay man, they're normal , cool & great friends. as, I said im growing also . Its what the good word alway's say (love everychild, race, were all supposed to love unconditional,no bias? ). I have for so long, my blinder's are finally off, Im really revoloving to another world, some new things in me as,a women,christian, & friend. realness is a bare fact, Im so real . I scare my self at times, think of that? But , Im damn happy, told my friend. this butch bitch at work, dont care for ,looks like shit. spoke to me, I rember a time when, I would of said hell naw, i spoke thats all, nothing else believe me. she/he makes a man on a bad day ,look better lol. lo ,haha.

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