"wifey3223 ending to @beautiful begging 06'  

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12/31/2005 6:28 am

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"wifey3223 ending to @beautiful begging 06'

>I'm not one to shy, dwendel on the past, the past for me makes . The rest passion, dreams, desire even better. I Learn from my mistakes & examples that god, or his twin give me. And, Im thankful to be still in this world, to spread my love, & passion for people. I know , I havent _____found my destiny ,,,,,, Im still looking praying to reach the stars.Now wifey3223, has boundries but, Im also a women who lives on the edge of life.Im a women who's always wanted to explore all sides of my female delights(sides) passion, curiosity. I WOULDNT LABEL ME NO WAY, however. I will say , Im very dickly so dont worry men this "cat" aint leaving yal.Im enjoying meeting so many diffrent types, wifey3223 hasn't found that one to make me stop. I have found some equals,but they belong to someone else.Life is a sharing pool? theres not enough to go around. Im also not a why? when, where ,person, people are married commited for all the wrong reason. I Know, I was one ,some people dont understand how? We can be married , sep, etc but still be looking . I do , although it goes againt all odds, of happiness & the great lord book of truth. I understand, but ,I also longed to quit being the misstress . The other lady, which is why? I felt the need to be married. Alot, also dont believe you can find love on AdultFriendFinder? Love can come at you all ways, any way, a touch, feel , look, one night. I also dont never say, never!!!!!!! IF , you havent meet me..... Im one of a kind. I break the mold to women, even my parents wonder why? Im bubbly, fun, exciting, intreging, curious, hopeful , full of faith of a mustard seed,lost at the least. And stuck on grateful ,for all god has bestowed on me, Im a in a sexy bbw body. BUT> in my mind & youre dreams, Im 24-36-24. However you picture , love there are no shades, sizes in the other world. When........ you limit youre self in life you miss out on all god , has planned for you. I used to be so narrow minded, I CAN TELL YOU shy? ashamed of what other"s make you feel. But, I learned to love myself. I hold my head high, can't no man, no women, no les, no nobody . Break me, Im a strong, cofident, hardworking,loving women. I Also no trouble, mouchers, shackers, leaches when , I SEE THEM. Im not desperate, or lacking for love. I also (do) want some attraction, so all you who think,Im out for everything. Im not ,we can only be friends. Im a freak but not so freaked out to do any & everybody>thats a hOOd rat>or hoe look again, Im neither. Yes, even a lady, christain, good mother,hard working, independent women can ,will surf the net. As, I tell my fella co-workers, family, nay sayers. If god can save a crack head in a burning house, etc he can save me from such a sinful place when hes ready. But also its, okay to me to be bad & good at the same time in the right way? Ill leave yal minds to grasp my understanding, it's all what makes wifey3223, red bone monkie& diffrent &unique69red& me.
holler back if youre a real trooper, yes Im even known as that!!! for all the real men to figure out& gents who know that saying? Dont be scared to find youre destiny, 06 should make all you scared to see , to meet to live . " my motto is live every day as , if its youre last you never know". Enjoy , life be happy & merry in it....its a beautiful thing& pleasure when we use it right.amen

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1/4/2006 7:43 pm

I see ya' kickin' that knowledge. Always keep it real, that's what makes you - you...

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