so what does everyone else think???  

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11/2/2005 10:50 am

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so what does everyone else think???

continued (again)
So I called her a couple of times and since our schedules are very different, meeting is going to take some work. I really want to see her again, but Idont think she is up for it. I dont know maybe it is just in my head, or maybe she thinks I am nothing like when I chatted with her..I am thinking waaaaay toooo much.
But my pride is on the line and like anything else I do in life, if I'm not happy with the outcome, keep doing it until it becomes right.

I have been chatting alot with a couple of other women on here and its looking like I will meet one of them sometime soon, but I am thinking in the back of my head that I should be having guilt or something since I am cheating on my wife with another woman!?!
To me its like being disengaged from reality. Or at least how I see it. Its not an act of infidelity, its the act of finding sustinence, much like looking for water in the desert. You find it or part of you will shrivel up and die.
Bad analogy, but best i can do.
I am and always have been a very sexual person. Not so much in a dysfunctional way, but in the fact that sex is a part of my life, just like food, water, and air, and I am going to need it sooner or later. For my age I feel different compared to others, in that I think I am coming into my second sexual prime. ( Maybe its just a bad case of mid life crisis!!!)
So Ive rambled on enough for my first days post..If anyone has anything to add, please feel free, as I would enjoy chatting with anyone or feel free to join my network. Just like my "real" life, I enjoy meeting new people!!! (not just for sex)

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