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11/2/2005 10:33 am

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So a few weeks ago I meet someone here who was looking just for sex...I still wasnt sure about it and before I knew it I had committed to seeing her.
I logged off the computer, hopped in the shower, thoughts racing in my head as I proceeded to butcher myself with the razor! After doing some minor paper sticking ( you know tearing off a piece of toilet paper to stop the bleeding ), and dressed and hopped into the car...
Now I am a little nervous, driving down the freeway, trying to stay calm and wondering what this is going to be like. Does she look like her picture, will I be able to perform ( havent been with another woman in 10 years ), and all sorts of things. So I finally arrive, park, call her from a payphone, get directions, and start to walk to her place.......and i get LOST!!!! Holy crap what a shmuck I am...I am sure she is in her place waiting thinking I chickened out or something, and after running through 3 apt buildings, I come to the correct one and knock on the door.!!!!! THUMP,THUMP,THUMP- my heart is beating.........
And she opens the door, as beautiful as her pics.....
I am nervous as hell and not sure how to proceed so we start to small talk on her bed, fully clothed both of us, and then a little kissing, then she stands up and says " Its too hot in here and we are wearing way too much clothing"
Wow, and with that we are naked..
* now I am sure after reading this some of you have had similar experiences, so keep reading and lets see if it turns out the same
Now up to this point in my life I havent given oral sex to a women in 7 years. Wife stopped when first pregnant and never would after...and I used to aboslutely LOVE to give women multiple orgasms from oral sex.
So here I am with the beautiful woman, both of us naked, and touching, kissing, and doing other stuff.. and I am having a terrible time getting "happy" down there. So what should every man do when it is taking time...perform oral sex.. and I must tell you, its like riding a bike..boy what fun...I couldnt believe how much I missed it and how much I enjoyed giving it to her..( I hope she reads this sometime and enjoyed it as much as I )
Well, as things proceed and we get know the routine...hahaha - cant give up all of my fun escapade. Lets just say that I didnt last that long and I was kind of dissapointed in my performance!
So I hopped in the shower as she cuddled up on the bed and drifted off to nap, cleaned up, got dressed and kissed her on the cheek and asked her if this was once or could I see her again...
Ok, after I said that I felt like a total jerk, like I just used her and didnt care what happened. She said call her and we'll talk later ( we had originally made plans for the following week, but I happened to see her online at home that day and we started to chat, which led to this first meeting)

Here I am leaving her place, thinking I really wanted to stay a while and cuddled up with her... then again thinking maybe she just wanted it that way and was glad to see me leave and leave her in peace?
Any one want to add your two cents to this, please feel free to. I dont mind the good or bad comments.
Just venting my mind in cyberspace...helps to relieve the tension!!!!!!

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