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10/13/2005 8:36 pm

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Ever wonder how much your life is like songs? check this out
"Yesterday" I was "Born To Loose" and was told by The "Dark lady" "Maniac", that I was "Born to Be Wild". So "I shot the sheriff" "in the garden" and went "walking in Memphis". Hiding "under the boadwalk" I thought I was "taking care of business", but "that will be the day". Oh, "for what it's worth" "I'm a believer" in "seasons in the sun" and not in "werewolves of London". Now "don't" "walk away" "pretty woman" cause this is more than "puppy love". "We've only just begun" so "hit me with your best shot", "I will survive". Of course you know "I'm in love with her" "misty" "tush" and have turned to "black velvet" to feel "footloose". Thinking the booze would help I felt like the "leader of the pack" and went to "the house of the rising sun" for "love on the rocks" with a "witchy woman". "It's now or never" so "lay lady lay" and "love me tender". I was hoping to give her a "pearl necklace" but she wanted "this diamond ring" and as you know "fools rush in". the "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" is final the "12th of never" now "I" for "one" is "crying" where did I go "wrong"? But "love hurts" and I'll do the "jailhouse rock" until she wears "a long black veil" and all for a "last kiss" that I did "my way".."THE END"

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10/14/2005 6:57 am

wow....the hills are alive ...with the sound of ra mi fa so la ti usual...but you forgot the one that applies to me most of all.....THEY ARE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY.....AH HA HO HO....

The Old Grouch

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