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9/30/2005 7:06 pm

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here I am, approaching the big 50 in my life and seem to be constantly reflecting on a time when life wasn;t so complicated as it was now. A time when gasoline was about 50 cents a gallon and the average car cost around 5 or 6,000.00 dollars, a time when tomorrow was just another day and not threatening in many ways. A time when a date was a ten spot and a drive in movie, a time when you put in a fair days work for a fair day's pay, a time when the American dream was the 3 bedroom colonial with the white picket fence in a neighborhood where you actually knew your neighbors. A time when the only gang you heard about was ToJo's gang of 4. A time when music on the radio reflected love and happiness, and the names of bands were just that, and the lyrics of songs didn't mention killing your mother or desecrating your country and maybe the most outrageous actions on stage was the gyrations of a pelvis or the shaking of your slightly over length hair. A time when holidays brought together great gathering of friends, neighbors and relatives, and celebrations was heartwarming and meaningful. As I reflect through the times I can't remember when it all headed south and life became more difficult. When did the money you earned on your job become less and less but the money you owe got more and more? When did the people you lived next door to you for years become total strangers? When did that date you wanted to take your sweetie on become a major expense and have to be figured into the budget just to do dinner and a movie? Not a nice quiet time in your car, but an expensive trip to the local theatre with a crowd of rude, obnoxious people. When did it become accepted to desecrate the good ole' red, white, and blue? When did it become common place to see a group of foreigners wearing matching bandanas and reigning terror over a section of a city or a town? When did it become impossible to chase that American dream and settle in an overpriced, low quality shack and be expected to call it home? When did it become acceptable for thousands of people to have to live under bridges and in alley ways and beg for food? And when did the food we get at the market become our nemises and cause deathly illnesses and when did the holidays become a way for mongers to pad their pockets and feed their belly's? And why do I have to work extra hours and 2 jobs just to buy that tank of gas to get me to my job in the first place? And then I reflect on that, through all of this, and no smooth road to say the least, I have had the one thing that means the most to rock, my helping hands, my inspiration, my wife.

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10/1/2005 6:46 am

As someone who is about to pass 54 I wonder what you have been doing in my mind?

I am another one who wonders so many of these things. My great grandfather used to tell me that the reason he spoke english instead of the danish I loved to hear was because he came to America to be an American and was so proud of it he didn't want to have others think he wasn't glad to be here. We all knew the family heritage and the traditions and the desire to be the best american that ever existed. He taught me to salute the flag each time I went by it, to remove my hat both in front of it, in front of a lady, and especially in a building. He taught me to respect others and to make friends who would be friends thru thick and thin.

As for gangs. We have always had a small amount of them around this country but we haven't had the biased news media to make certain we only hear the bad things. If someone finds a bag full of money and returns it we never find out about that, but find a kid taking a package of gum and it will be national news for days. If kid from down the steet is arrested for a beer it is front page news and he goes to jail. If a star athlete is arrested for 4 pounds of coke it is ok cause he needs to get back into training for the good of the team cause his expensive lawyer knows he won't get arrested again to bring in more money if he goes to jail. Recently the local paper ran a BIG front page article on the complaints about the trains blowing the whistle at the crossings. But if you went to the back pages near the want ads you found an article about the 8 people arrested for drugs and distribution? Guess train whistles hurt folks more than drugs?

Well I have rambled enough in your blog but wanted to express my agreeement with you. I am the luckiest man in the world, I have a great caring core family, a group of the best most loyal friends in the world and like you the most wonderful reason to be alive, the lovely Teddy.

Thanks for saying what you said!!!!


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10/1/2005 3:32 pm

Well said Ray. Wishing you and Deb all the very best my friends. John

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11/1/2005 11:25 am

Now I remember....those WERE the good old days!!! Well said!!!!
Big Sky

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