Well I'm not sure what a blog is.  

widwestcpl 61M/60F
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8/4/2005 6:37 pm

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Well I'm not sure what a blog is.

But I am using it voice my opinions and or beliefs about the swinging lifestyle.
To start I married my high school sweetheart when we were both very young, almost 30 years ago, but only after several years of promiscuity and abandonment, sowing my wild oats as it were.
Giving my heart to my wife to do with as she wishes has never been a regret for me.
Finding out about swinging, when I was still wet behind the ears, fascinated me or us and was researched for many years, trying to put it all in perspective.
We are only human after all and sex with people other than our spouses seemed quit exciting. To either on of us being cheaters or cruel to each other was not an option. After many years of discussing the lifestyle and its options we proceeded to give it a try. Now this was back before the ole family home personal computer was a facility in our home. So as making that occasional trip to local adult book store to purchase the latest copy of a swing style magazine and spending hours composing letters to perspective, special friends that took sever weeks to get replies, if anyone was interested at all. Meetings seemed nearly impossible and friendships very hard to grow but somehow through all the red tape an occasional meeting was constructed. Wow I was impressed, we have now became "swingers", something that had been pursued for some time and as a bonus we met some really wonderful people that wanted the same things out of the lifestyle as we. All of this was working sorta well, then the day came when we purchased that pc for our finances and to help organize our home life and one day I typed in swinging lifestyle and opened up a vast abundance of sex sites and lifestyle locations, far beyond anything I could have imagined. Immediately I joined several sites and was astonished at just how many people were involved. My thoughts were, WOW a virtual smorgasbord of sex, any type and any way a person could ask for. My figures flew like wildfire writing to everyone that seemed compatible and a possible recreational sex partner. I sure was struck with the old reality bolt of lightening when I found out that the majority of this sea of sex was all fake. Even though, we had made some wonderful friends and had some great sex, we encountered those that were not what they seemed at all. There was the occasional "wine and dine me" for nothing at all, and that "I want to be your friend" to take what I can. And those that was a beautifully wrapped package, but still contained a steamy pile of crap. And it was these people that destroyed the illusion of grandeur about swinging in general. Then came the time that we discovered the parties and even got into sponsoring some of them, what a great way to meet potential sex buddies, we would get people from all over for some great fun and sexual exploits. We liked this very much, and then some local friends started a weekly meet and greet, which is not to be confused with a full party, meet and greets are exactly that, a chance to meet new swing members without the pressures of a one on one type of get together. If you find someone that you may "click" with then it was good, they were fun, met alot of new people that was fun and great to visit with or whatever. Then that old ugly nemesis, jealousy, would raise it's hand and try to influence all those involved and make for not such a good time. The back-stabbing, name calling, and out and out meanness rises up, and all of a sudden there they are, those pretty packages containing pure crap here to undermine anything they feel is not their "cup of tea", so to speak, and join in by the silver tongued devils, and downright leaches, creates an unpleasant environment for all. The desire and enjoyment of swinging is damaged and not repairable. These bad influences then put up a front and infiltrate your network of special friends and undermine your credibility with them causing sides to be chosen like this person drives an old car so he or she isn't worth playing with or they don't go for S&m or B&d, so they are not true swingers or maybe she's a little hippy so she is not sexy so she should go away because I am so thin or sexy that he or she doesn't stand a chance with anyone. I, for one, have always looked inside of a person to see them truly. And with some, the ugliness inside destroys even the best looking people. We are all adults here in this lifestyle and most of got into it for the sex not to play head games or be hurtful to others, just for the sex. And if you don't find me or us attractive or not as friendly as you would like then that is your choice and you move on, letting sleeping dogs lay. And we will continue to search out those that do find us what they would consider for play time and we don't need any help from those that think they know best for all. They should attend to their own knitting and let others find out for themselves what this lifestyle is all about.
For the most part the past 8 or 9 years that we have been in the lifestyle has been a wonderful ride, met a lot of fantastic people and played with some great people too and would love to continue to do so. I just know now that there are also some, that are not fantastic people, they are just people who really don't interest me or us in the least. And these people will come and go and not influence us as to who we do find likeable and would like to play with or not. I feel that someone could get too involved and be deceived or lulled into what was thought a friendship when it really was resentment and or dishonesty. That is why we have always carried the attitude of "let's fuck and see if we can be friends" and to those that are our friends, and you know who you are, you will always be our friends.
I guess this is my blog....like it or not.

rm_WyoBikers02 65M/59F
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8/5/2005 5:54 am

I would just like to say that you have done a fine job with your blog and the thoughts you express are the same as many of the grownups who come into the lifestyle. I know your feelings about many things but am glad you posted them here so others can see and learn from them. By the way...did you ever subscribe to Adam and Eve like some of us other old people?

Old Grouch

wshyann321 87M/74F

8/5/2005 8:17 am

What a great blog! It perfectly describes my thoughts and desires in relation to the swinging lifestyle. I do hope that someday we will be able to meet this couple someway, somehow!

sweetcreamlady 65F
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10/1/2005 5:17 pm

Wow what wonderful insight and how true you are. I am very pleased to call you friends. It is amazing that peoples lives can have so many parallels and you never know it. I salute you for saying what many of us should have been saying all along. To many things have been said to hurt people lately and they are things that no one should say. I know this because of rumors I have heard about me. Please accept me as I am because I am truthful and friendships need that most of all. Kisses my Friend Sweet

rm_SwordofWords 64M
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10/3/2005 4:45 pm

I must add to Teddy and Wyobiker: This is a very pleasant facet of you that deserve to be seen more. Probably for those who deserve to see it. Good job. I knew there was a reason I like you (two). I like the visits, and I learned more about things as time goes and I enjoy it. Nice coherent thoughts!
Sword -)-----

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