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11/13/2005 8:54 pm

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Again I set and reflect on the past, but this time it is only just a short time ago. I pause and remember the time I wanted to join the Adult lifestyle and investigated the avenues of this adventure,embarking into a brave new world, went forth and opened up a vast multitude of, what was thought to be, passionate and open minded people for what else but sexual experiences and fantasies. At first if progressed rather smoothly and I thought I had made a good choice in the lifestyle, but at that time contacts were genuine and into meeting for sex. And not caring about status or prestige but mainly interested in caring and compassion, looking for pleasures of the flesh and yes even good friendship. I encountered alot of these people and enjoyed the camaraderie that came along with the meetings and trysts. Occasionally there would be the undesirable inquiry and cordial no thank yous would be exchanged and you went on, enjoying the next couple that found an interest. Life was good, and for the first 5 or 6 years I really enjoyed the friendships and promiscuity that transpired. Then sometime, somewhere, a few more of those undesirable came along and had a real problem with just a no thanks. And being as full of themselves as they are, harasses and torments, until you are on the verge of a total meltdown, seems no matter how often or how much you say, not interested, or not even, these incompetents continue their infiltration and undermine you in any way they can, just for their own pleasures or whatever they get out of it. I have to ask the question "why?" why do these individuals continue to thrust the jagged edged dagger into your back? what are they hoping to gain? Why do these individuals try and throw stones at you when they are not even worthy to do so? Why do these individuals make every avenue of the lifestyle a damnation alley? Why do these individuals try and turn your friends away from you with fire breath and forked tongues? What drives these individuals to constantly raise the stench of a 1000 bowels over a meeting or gathering that they was never a part of? why do some individuals continue to ride a dead horse that was a lost cause in the first place? I have never understood the turmoil of the mind that believes "I'm better than you" when all are equal and no matter who your friends are and whether or not they are everyone's friend. I know that I will not like everyone that I ever meet, but I do know that it doesn't matter if I do or don't. I know if we don't get along then we don't. And I am content to walk a different path. I do know that I have meet and made alot of friends along the way. And when I say friends, I'm talking true friends. People that won't be derogatory when not looking you in the face. People that don't smile at you and turn away with a destroying glint in their eyes. People who are genuinely happy to be your friend and not just so they can use you in any way. It all comes down to why do so many people have more than one face? A good side, a bad side, and an out and out ugliness to their whole being. I myself am who I am, life is already complicated enough, I don't have to add to it by being someone or something I'm not. Seems like these individuals are so childish and illiterate they even resort to hurtful name calling as took place in all of our adolescence, and again I ask myself "WHY".

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12/1/2005 7:01 am

Chances are they are bitter & the only way for themselves to feel better is to take someone down lower than they are. If they can manage that, then they feel they have power over you & will continue their rampage or try to get you to submit to their cause (whatever the hell it might be). For some reason they think you will suddenly become friendly to them because of their bitterness & treat them with respect which only happens if you are weak (abused women often fall into a repeat cycle of hooking up with men who hurt them). Most of these people, if not all, can't be changed because that's just who they are. They go around trying to make as many people as miserable as possible & if you don't go down the same path, they will backstab, lie & do whatever they can to ruin you to your family, friends, etc. Stay strong, bitch/rant if you want but please don't become like them. There are way too many of these people as it is...just need to find those who are truly content reglardless of the situation, even if you're not interested. Can't imagine who these people react with other situations (stores, family, businesses, etc.) - they are probably the ones who make a scene even over something little. Life is short, people need to grow up - aren't we all adults here? Isn't this an adult site? Hmmm...just my thoughts, comments, etc.

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12/15/2005 3:46 pm

My friend, I like to make new friends, be it for the sex or just to be friends. Although we have never met face to face. I have made the effort to call when in your city to let you know I was there and available to have coffee for a first time meeting just to say hello if nothing else. You see I understand that you are working people also and seeking friendship as well as funtimes. That is one reason I joined AdultFriendFinder. I also understand what you have said about people not being able to accept a NO THANK YOU and move on, My feeling about being with other people is if things don't click then you do not play or enter into false relationships that are going NO PLACE! I think you and the wife are a nice looking couple and should be respected by others when you indicate that there just isn't a match.........no interest. The OCEAN is a large one with plenty opportuntities for a great catch so keep on checking that net! MERRY CHRISTMAS and BEST WISHES for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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