power...........or the lack thereof  

wickedeasy 66F  
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5/3/2006 3:00 pm
power...........or the lack thereof

i sat in a room with 15 men last night. the only woman on the council - the only woman in the room other than the secretary.

a draft of the council's report was being reviewed and we were supposed to be discussing the issues, commenting on whether or not we agreed with the consultant's rendition of our 6 months of endless committee meetings.

after the read through - the consultant asked for comments - no one said anything so i jumped in - mentioned a few things that i didn't agree with, some changes in language, nothing all that incendiary.

one of the council muttered "bitch" under his breath and that end of the table all started to laugh. i asked what was so amusing - that all of us could stand a laugh at this point.


but the thing that hurt, was that no one, not a single person called this idiot on his unprofessional manner.


power......he has it and we don't.

i thought about standing up and leaving. i could feel tears starting. but i sat there.
and waited. then i waited some more - the whole time looking straight at this man.

elanor roosevelt said that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

it must have been at least 2 minutes before he muttered - "just joking".

my response was "a sense of humor is a very particular thing, isn't it?"

the meeting continued but i reckon at that moment the power shifted and the "big-man" looked a lot less important - to everyone.

my training as a submissive was critical in those few minutes. control. acuity. presence.
and quiet, cordial acknowledgment of the idiot's quote unquote apology.

all in all - i think that it was one for the home team


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

MaggiesWishes 59F

5/3/2006 5:28 pm

YEA!!!! *claps & whistles*

The one thing about "power" is timing. I feel you "timed" yours just right. I bet that man will think twice about speaking to show his stupidity.
I have great hearing too.

warm huggies & girlfriend smoochies

wickedeasy replies on 5/4/2006 5:40 am:
grins - yup - can hear a pin drop in the next town over


NGs_lady 64F
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5/4/2006 1:26 am

Wicked I have learned that calling someone down for being an as_ is always the thing to do. In most cases others would do the same, but they are afraid of the person you proved to all that you were not. Maybe from now on the as_ will look at you in a different light.



wickedeasy replies on 5/4/2006 5:41 am:
not sure i made any points lady

but could not let it just sit there

we shall see, we shall see

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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5/4/2006 9:43 am

Oh baby, you got the power! Men call us bitchs when we outsmart them!
Some professional he is, was he elected, appointed or paid to be on the council? I would have asked if he talked/kissed his momm/wife/daughter with that mouth!


wickedeasy replies on 5/4/2006 3:17 pm:

t'was the mayor

and hsi wife is 35 years younger than him with a bra size higher than her IQ and probably his too

still laughing

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