one times one.........  

wickedeasy 66F  
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7/14/2006 9:01 am
one times one.........

a poem that i love - for its joy and celebration

i offer it to my friend Weezer as she celebrates her sister's life this day

if everything happens that can't be done
(and anything's righter
than books
could plan)
the stupidest teacher will almost guess
(with a run
around we go yes)
there's nothing as something as one


so world is a leaf so tree is a bough
(and birds sing sweeter
than books
tell how)
so here is away and so your is a my
(with a down
around again fly)
foever was never till now


we're anything brighter than even the sun
(we're everthing greater
than books
might mean)
we're everyanything more than believe
(with a spin
alive we're alive)
we're wonderful one times one

ee cummings

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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