he did it again!  

wickedeasy 67F  
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8/5/2006 3:55 pm
he did it again!

yup, he did

hurry up - go see

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You cannot conceive the many without the one.

somethingelse40 75M
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8/5/2006 8:22 pm

Everything is under control, perhaps even the universe, unless somehow it's now getting out of control.

wickedeasy replies on 8/6/2006 7:08 am:
control freak

somethingelse40 75M
14676 posts
8/6/2006 7:12 am

You Jane. Me like you. Me strong and make love long time. Me smart and cute and smartass. Please you long time. We make jungle love. Me funny too. Just see me profile! Tarzan leaving jungle of MS and traveling down under to Your Neighborhood. Tarzan want to meet you Jane and make wild jungle love in jungle of Your Neighborhood. Tarzan swinging down there soon. Jane want Tarzan?

wickedeasy replies on 8/6/2006 11:35 am:
do i look like a cheetah?

FrankPicasso 52M

8/6/2006 9:19 am

Thanks, WE. I so owe you a case of those Tide To Go bleach pens. Hey ... wanna be my bleach penpal?

wickedeasy replies on 8/6/2006 11:34 am:

at this rate,i think i'll have to be. does your family get to see this side of you? the laughter in your house must be profound

somethingelse40 75M
14676 posts
8/6/2006 12:20 pm

Do you feel like a cheetah?

wickedeasy replies on 8/6/2006 1:02 pm:

FrankPicasso 52M

8/6/2006 12:36 pm

Yeah, I think it's fair to say that we all share a significant amount of laughter. A few blank stares in my direction are also not uncommon. But it's all good.

wickedeasy replies on 8/9/2006 2:55 pm:
ah yes, the blank stares -

when do they stop doing that???

somethingelse40 75M
14676 posts
8/6/2006 2:03 pm

Then why would you look like a cheetah?

wickedeasy replies on 8/6/2006 3:41 pm:
don't project an image on me

if you read my profile, or my blogs, you would know that One Man holds my heart and my body

i enjoy our interplay - but there will be nothing more than freindship offered here

somethingelse40 75M
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8/8/2006 4:34 pm

It ought to be against the law for anybody to have too little of anything really good.

wickedeasy replies on 8/8/2006 5:18 pm:

a kind of offshoot of supply and demand??

somethingelse40 75M
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8/8/2006 7:32 pm

... or perhaps of the law of diminishing returns?

Sometimes I find it easier to be a result of the past than a cause of the future. Although I can’t decide without further information, and can’t even decide what further information I need. Perhaps we owe it to our past futile sacrifices to continue making further futile sacrifices? But why does futility always come at the wrong time?

I need more time and I probably always will. Who will take care of my blog after I'm gone?

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