by george, she's got it...............  

wickedeasy 67F  
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6/30/2006 6:48 am
by george, she's got it...............

for you Shaye and i hope i do have it right this time

Shayes picks for summer reading are:


pssssssssst - if this works do i get a ribbon or something???????

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

angelofmercy5 59F
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6/30/2006 9:37 am

Hmmmmm.....Take the money is writing backwards these days. What kind of a prize did you want? lol

wickedeasy replies on 6/30/2006 10:20 am:
sur-prize me

i'm easy after all

rm_PeanutJackie 36F
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6/30/2006 2:31 pm

hey wicked, you got the links right, woohoo! How about the imagine links? Have you tried those again yet?

Oh and I've got a prize for you *wicked evil grin*

"I am beautiful no matter what you say, words can't bring me down. So don't you bring me down today."

rm_shannee2006 52F
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6/30/2006 3:18 pm

Hey all. Just saying hello. I haven't got a damned think brilliant to say today. My hormones are raging. Makes me mindlessly horny. Just like a 16 year old boy. I'm ridiculous like this. Know what I mean?!

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


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