a labor of love  

wickedeasy 66F  
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9/4/2006 7:43 am
a labor of love

labor day

for apparent reasons of the female ilk, this makes me think of giving birth to my son. he was overdue and it was 100 degrees that day. my then husband and i had been out to eat and the amount of garlic consumed was approximately the same as that of Italy on a slow day. at about midnight, i heaved my immense self off the couch and felt my water break. went into the shower - fully expecting to have hours of time before much of anything else happened. the first real contraction almost took me to my knees. the second was less than 3 minutes later.

i called my midwife and she said - wait and time the next three - if they're closer than 10 minutes apart - get yourself over to the hospital.

bam, bam, bam - 3 in less than 10 minutes - this kid wanted OUT. the hospital was a 10 minute walk so we decided that it would be good for me to walk there - well my husband decided and i was too stunned at this point ot argue. within 15 minutes of arriving at the hospital, i was in transitional labor and my midwife kept saying - scream, yell, but i was too focused to make any noise other than a low keening.

by 4 that morning my son was born and i was running on sheer adrenaline. he was the ugliest thing i had ever seen and we called him eggplant. he was a miracle.

and then they said - you can go home.

i looked at them like they were mad. take this tiny little dependent creature home? and do what? smiles

now he is 24 but i still remember the moment he entered the world. the first time he looked at me and smiled (and no, it wasn't gas). the first word - (tachoo - for statue - we spent a lot of time in art museums).

labor day - labor - a labor of love. i sm still in awe that women are built to do this. i still can't believe they let me take him home - i was 32 but in my mind, WAY too young to be a mother. i still look at him and see the baby, the toddler, the child, the teenager -all inside the body of a man.

this is a very self indulgent post - but i've spent a couple of hours this morning looking at photos and well, i'm feeling very sentimental.

what is yourlabor of love?
what was your labor like?
and if you have to work on this labor day - what are you doing?

ps - we changed his name from eggplant

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

MaggiesWishes 59F

9/4/2006 8:08 am

Now you went and dun it. Now I gotta think about labor, too?
OH, the pain of it all! OK, so I don't remember, someone dedided to take on a sense of control ... to knock me out! Hummm... and I didn't ask for it? I had no control over me at that time in my life. My part of the world was controlled by my mother. As usual. So, it was SHE that decided I must be pain free, knocked out and not wittness this miracle, we call birth.
I imagine it ... and yet it's not the same. but I remember her tiny mouth forming that "o" and being so perfect ... and I knew I did a good thing.

I like your name change, and eggplant is good Is he cooked yet?
OK, I'm so not working LOL!
Let me finish here.
Talk to you soon, Sis.
I love the waves of color you send out ... they are shining beautiful here today
warm huggies 2ya!
and just think, no labor today! Wooohoooo!

wickedeasy replies on 9/4/2006 10:45 am:
i'm glad i was conscious - altho at one point during transitional labor i looked at my then husband and growled

bipolybabe 54F

9/4/2006 9:12 am

My labor was induced at 36 weeks, took about 24 hours, and I had an epidural 'cuz I knew going into it that I'm a wimp about pain. And, at the end, two lovely, healthy infants popped out. And, then there was no going back.

However it happens, it's a pretty remarkable process. At the end, my ex-husband said, "Good job, Doc," something I've never let him forget


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wickedeasy replies on 9/4/2006 10:46 am:
good job Doc?????????????

lordy taht man wouldn't have walked for a week if he'd been standing near my bed and said that

missana 58F
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9/4/2006 9:14 am

ma petite and i are decorating...which given how i go about it...is work..

she gets to check everything afterwards.....keeps adding toys....winks..

wickedeasy replies on 9/4/2006 10:47 am:
a labor of love - a work of artistic significance

she's right you know - never enough toys..........


9/4/2006 9:26 am

WE I loveeeeeeee this post. Be self indulgent anytime

I checked out Fran too! I kinda liked eggplant btw

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

wickedeasy replies on 9/4/2006 10:48 am:
thanks MO - hugs

well, we still call him eggplant sometimes - especially when he's in a snit - grins

isn't Frank a hoot?


AstirRelicLatah 64M
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9/4/2006 9:58 am

We called our first Mr. Tomato Face and he was definitely an Alien. He still is, but no longer a Mr. Tomato Face. Nice post, thanks for the memories.

wickedeasy replies on 9/4/2006 10:50 am:
omg - grins

my brother's son had the biggest flipping head i ever saw - we called him Macy - for the floats in the parade -

my gorgeous neice was covered with black fuzz, face, back - everywhere - we alternated between gorillagirl and rugmug


ButteryDelight 58F

9/4/2006 11:51 am

i have to agree with you, WE. My children are my labor of love. i must be getting sentimental too as i wrote a post about my daughter.

btw..we called my daughter monkey face when she was born and my son was a Cone Head They were both so wrinkled and red..lol

Buttery Delight

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:13 am:
i want grandchildren

we called my sister's preemie son, gangatan for a whole year - poor kid - now he's GQ material

angelofmercy5 58F
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9/4/2006 12:08 pm

What a great post! My children are my labor of love too. And now my grandchildren have taken that spot too! They are wonderful.

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:15 am:
i get my baby fix right now at the family shelter - i love being there at suppertime. smiles

papyrina 50F
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9/4/2006 2:32 pm

i enjoyed your wonderful description

cats and life for me lol

I'm a

i'm here to stay

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:18 am:
my cat disappeared last year - Spike was 18. i still miss the gifts he would bring and lay at the front door - NOT. bats, mice, a tiny bunny, a squirel, an empty marlboro light pack??, and a tiny pair of red high heels (Barbie size) which made me think Spike was WAY smarter than the average cat or had a wicked sense of the absurd.

rm_CuummDrop 48F
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9/4/2006 5:42 pm

beautifuly done.... labor is an amazing thing...

Now won't last forever, so use it wisely~c

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:19 am:
and you get a prize at the end

lacenleather2 105F
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9/4/2006 5:48 pm

Hey WE...well just back from a w/e of being a biker trollip...and I did good at that .I was a labour of love for my mom , born on the first of sept, and she admits that it has been a labor at times...smiles .My son is my labor of love ...I did the lamoze(sp) and pain prep , but he has too eager and was a month 1/2 early .After a frantic ride to the hospital in the far north of canada , I was told thatI had to have the emergency c section...and was gone for the first 12 hrs of his life .But , perhaps that was the goddess's way of protecting me as he was marginal during those hrs . The nurses said that as soon as I started coming around ...so did he , and the first look into his "ET" eyes and I was hooked .He really was "ET".And has been a labor at times too!.Thanks fopr sharing.

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:21 am:
amazing - 6 weeks early??

i like the fact that he rallied when you came to - thta intangible bond

send me pics of the ride, eh?

libgemOH 56M/52F

9/4/2006 6:03 pm

3 babies and 3 entirely different experiences. My son was fairly easy for a first baby, my oldest daughter slipped right on out, my youngest, I was ready to kill something, preferably her daddy!! And the youngest was a downright homely baby too!! Now that she's turnined into a lovely young lady with a bad attitude, all I can say is THANK GOD FOR TUBALIGATION!!!

And by the way, my first husband wanted to name my son Beelzebub!! With the way the boy acts sometimes, I'm starting to think we shoulda!!

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:23 am:
omg - i love that - beelzebub - grins

when Z was about two i told him i was changing his name to PIMA. winks

meerkittykat 42F

9/4/2006 8:14 pm

I never truly understood "Woman's Work" until my girlfriend went through labour a couple months ago.

Staying up nights, feeding during the fusses, teething, colic, the cries that you cannot dechiper no matter how much you think you know.....but couple that with the nicknames (his is currently "rodent" cos he kicks his legs around while in the crib like a hamster on a wheel) the coaxing for the first word, the first trip to Ikea to indoctrinate him.....

We labour at a lot of things. But love?? ALL of that is love.

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:24 am:

and you're right - all of it is love - but damn sometimes it is hard work

warmandsexy52 64M
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9/5/2006 1:20 am

Our daughter was born this month 24 years ago after a 40 hour labour and a forceps delivery in a remote welsh hospital that was about 20 years behind the times. I guess the local community were used to animals giving birth and saw humans as being not that much different. We city folk found that hard, especially my wife.

When she first appeared she was almost purple in appearance. Then all of a sudden, without the cliché slap on the back her eyes opened suddenly and she cried her first breath. It was so sudden and so shocking ....... if it wasn't so wonderful it would have been horrific. But my poor wife and what she went through. Was tough.

Our daughter is a beautiful young woman, very much in charge of her life and with a golden future ahead of her. I'm so proud.

Eggplant huh? Yep, sounds appropriate to me.

warm xx

wickedeasy replies on 9/5/2006 10:31 am:
your poor wife - that sounds hideous - my sister was in labor for 36 hours, pushed for 6 before they said, hmmmm, let's try a c - section.

i'm glad i lived in an area where i could have a midwife and a birthing room in a good hospital

mine was so easy, so quick

kiss your wife and thank her again - she deserves it

FrankPicasso 52M

9/5/2006 4:57 pm

I like that. A bouncing baby eggplant. Now, unlike my wife, I've never had to go through labor pains, but I did stub my toe quite badly some years back. Man, that hurt like hell. So I can relate!

wickedeasy replies on 9/7/2006 4:43 pm:
oh poor baby

now try pushing a watermelon out your ass - grins - then we'll talk

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