The only way she could come  

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5/8/2005 3:49 pm

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The only way she could come

Okay, I'm just coming out of a three year relationship, and it was more fucked up than not. One of the myriad areas we had trouble seeing eye-to eye on was sex.

I came to discover that she can't have an orgasm without having her legs tightly closed, lying on her back, and being fingered and either oral stimulation on her clit or with fingers. I mean, if my dick even got near her pussy she COULD NOT come. We tried a million different experiments trying to break out of that funk, but none of them ever worked. So essentially, in the last three years, all the pleasure I've given to her was with my fingers and tongue. The rest she just put up with.

I suspect it stemmed from some weird stuff from her past, or maybe it was just the luck of the draw, I dunno. She said she'd been that way forever. It wasn't as if she was revolted by dick, she was great at blowjobs, but the whole situation was pretty frustrating to me.

Everyone wants to feel like a good lover. In three years of sex, she came every time, but it began to feel so non-sexual... And whether she came eventually or not I still felt like a lousy lover.

So, if you need to find a guy who NEEDS to feel your shuddering orgasm around his cock, look no futher. Haha, ten thousand posts on this site bragging about their sex lives and I'm the only one complaining... lol

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