Pimps in Pittsfield  

whoknew411 42M
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9/24/2005 7:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pimps in Pittsfield

So I was visiting a friend in a shady part of town, and on the way home, I saw a woman with two suitcases crossing the street. Ever the gentleman to vulnerable attractive blondes, I ask her if she needs a ride. She initially agrees, then two cop cars come swooping out of nowhere. It's a lousy neighborhood, but it seemed off that the cops choose to go down that little street if they're in a rush to get anywhere.

Anyhow, the frustrated blonde decides she'd rather drag her sorry ass down the street rather than get a ride. It's just as well, I suppose. It was clear she had a bunch of baggage.

The funny thing is that just as she takes off, this middle aged black guy was walking buy and noticed the exchange. He looks over at me as the police sirens recede into the distance and says in all seriousness, "Hey, you looking for a trick tonight?" I laughed and said no.

I was tickled at the idea of it though, that somewhere this guy had a group of women at his disposal, ready to do whatever I wanted for a price.

How bizarre.

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