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11/7/2005 6:52 pm

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Peace Frog

I hate being away from home. There are good points, like not having to clean up after cooking, eating out a lot, generally being a lazy bastard.

But there's no porn here, and no girl to hide it from, and life is pretty lonely. The biggest news story is France burning. According to the news, 342 cities in France are home to rioting suburban youth. 1400 cars have been set ablaze, along with various buildings.

It seems to me it's another revolt of the poor. I don't really know enough about the specific conditions there to really empathize with the rioters or their victims. Perhaps someone closer to the situation will read this and comment.

I must admit, such riots would have led to hundreds of deaths in the U.S. It's truly amazing that only one guy died so far, and it's a testament to the restraint of french police. It's plainly obvious that my country would never allow unrest in that manner and there would be many deaths and extremely long prison sentences as long as it continued.

It's good to be in the U.S. Haha, we have interesting politics, but not so interesting that things are on fire. Well, not locally at least.

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