Bad Neighborhood  

whoknew411 42M
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5/10/2005 8:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bad Neighborhood

I was at a friend's appartment complex this evening. I'd driven this couple to the grocery store because they don't have car insurance right now. We pulled into the parking lot to see this scruffy looking guy haunched over, picking through pebbles and dust next to his car. He motioned to turn the car so that the lights would illuminate the area he was searching.

As we exited the car he shouts in this excited voice not to come closer... it was wierd. I figured pretty quickly after that that he lost a crack rock. So he's got this territorial area around which he will not let any tresspassers, but he's desperate for help in his search for this crack.

Sad man, just sad. The guy with me sorta talked him down a bit and helped him find the rock. It's weird to see that around me. I grew up in the placid north suburbs of Chicago, very little crime and police everywhere all the time. So to see these people freaking out over crack...

Anyhow, to keep things topical... SEX SEX SEX

TracesOfMe 46M
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5/11/2005 6:46 am

That had to be something unsettling to see, I've never witnessed but heard people doing some weird things to get the high.

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