whisper4me69 60M
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3/19/2006 12:07 am

Soon to be faceing what i feel is a major milestone in my life, THE BIG 50.
I find that i have gained a new retrospective view of my life so far. It weren't all that bad !
There have been many lovers over the yrs, chance meetings, planned dates and those ya couldn't get rid of, till ya chased em from the house with a 2x4. And I have survived.
There has been love, and those that i didn't.
There was sex in barns, back alleys, parked cars, moveing cars, backs of pickup trucks, still and movin, open fields, wooded areas, construction sites, 18 wheelers,hot tubs,swimming pools and in houses too. Hey, sometimes even in bedrooms! And yet, I have survived.
I have riden three professions up and down, so many times. That, many times i thought of giving them up. And still, I survived.
And looking back, the only things that i can say i truly regret, were the times when i said no to anything, without a good reason. But, I survived.
Life is a journey. Don't take the short cuts.
Live each day as though it were your last
Love each time as it may never happen again
and hold those dear to you as though they may be taken away.
And hopefully one day you too can say more than I SURVIVED.

azergothiii 41M

6/10/2007 8:33 pm

Very well said

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