Paid and/or Standard membership - another reminder for further musing  

whirlwind66 60M
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5/11/2005 9:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Paid and/or Standard membership - another reminder for further musing

Ah, there, I have delivered another "accidental" response of mine, browsing blogs around today, a bit, and this topic really so intrigues me, that I definitely have to say/muse aloud about it few details more.

The response of mine is made originally at Firsttime36's blog, to a post "Does it Pay?".


"And I also think that guys who are standard members either appear cheap or have something to hide. Neither is a quality attractive to women."

I'll comment a bit this sentence, so perhaps another opinion could help in getting a better, more complete, picture. (-:

The qualities attractive to women, and the qualities attractive to men, differ, naturally, from person to person. All we have our personal preferences, value systems, personal culture, attitude, approach, which dictate the way of how our mind works, and how we estimate things.

If we are courageous enough to use our own head, to think about that all, then we can get to pretty interesting and valuable answers and solutions.

But, if we are prone to "think" in stereotypes, then we, unfortunately may come only to stereotypical answers. If someone is satisfied by something like *that*, then it's probably OK to him/her. But for me, such answers are definitely not satisfying. I want *more*. I search for more. And I *get* more! (-:

So, as I see it, it's indeed much cheaper to pay for a "readymade" answer, than to *work* on it a bit, using *own* head, and *own* capabilities, to get *right* what is wanted.

Why the hell would someone have to "hide" something, just because he is a "standard member"? Where such a "logic" is coming from?

And what this "cheap" means in terms of accepting it as something "good" for female members, and as something "bad" for male ones? Are you aware what the message it delivers to *women*? They *are* acceptable as being "cheap" ( `standard members' ) by default. Terrible.

So, a woman who uses her brain, and is having some elementary dignity, reading such a "categorization", definitely will not accept herself as a "cheap" "product" and hardly would contact a men with a such attitude, and "reasoning".

I am deeply convinced in one thing: the members' qualities and personalities will not be improved by any price they pay for membership. These are some things which cannot be bought by any money; one has to *work* on them, to invest some *effort*, to utilize some *personal* qualities. (-: Who lacks it, cannot make any real "contact". You can "buy" a whore, an "escort", but, isn't then a street much more appropriate place for such sort of...encountering? Here, as I know, people search for friends, a trustful sexual partners, basicaly and by definition.

I, for instance, am a standard (male! the "cheap one", who "hides something" wink! wink!) member. (-; And am just in a phase of "probing" how things go here, and what sorts of members are on disposal. Well...pretty heterogeneous crowd. Just in few days I saw all sorts of behaviours, reasonings, attitudes, approaches. Some of them I liked, but definitely there are other ones too.

I still am not sure whether a paid membership will pay for me... It indeed *might* happen that I will have "more contacts", but, again, since the members' qualities definitely and obviously cannot be bought, nor guaranteed, by any paid membership, I am a bit reluctant as to what sort of these "boosted" "contacts" could bring to me, and in what *bad* ways *as well* it could occupy my time, and spoil my, basically cheerful, mood.

I here am not because I cannot find a "woman". (-: Or because I need a "whore". I am searching for a very specific woman, I could have a really good time with, sexually of course, in a way I prefer it. And this way is a *safe* way. By "safe", I here mean *a woman who uses her brain*. Because, to the one who do not uses it, *no* money will help, and *no* "protection" will work.

Brainless women I have under my hand, here, in huge amounts. It's enough to me to go outside and to pick up 2 or 5 at once. But, I do not need just a "sex, sex, sex..." (-; I needed it in my...teens and twenties. (:

And since I would like to say more, about this topic, I'll "port" the rest of my musings and considerations to my Blog. You are all welcome to visit, and to read it. (-: Have a nice stay.


doingit1946 70M

5/11/2005 10:12 am

-I think that many people are not inclined to pay because that is how
they first experienced the internet - free e-mail, free research and
other such services - now, to get them to pay is like pulling teeth

rm_algolstar 56M
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5/11/2005 11:19 am

I've been a "gold member" off and on for a year or more. I've met a few women from AAF but none I have been attracted too. I enjoy the member’s web cams. There are some gorgeous women on once in a while. As far as renewing my membership… I think I’ll chill awhile. I don’t think it really matters about the level of membership unless you want to contact someone, the real question is will they respond.

man4nooners1 46M
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5/15/2005 12:32 am

As for "cheap", it is a biological fact that women are drawn to men who can provide for them. Being unwilling to pay a small amount to reach out to them here makes a statement to them. And if you are a standard member male, your profile is virtually invisible. Good luck making the contact you seek.

As for "something to hide", Married men may be unwilling to pay here for worry of their wife finding the charge on the credit card bill. Again, the women here probably aren't interested in a married guy. Too many single available guys on the site to consider before contacting you. Sorry if I didn't make my comments crystal clear previously.

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