Interlude 1  

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5/6/2005 11:46 am

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Interlude 1

...and so, just for not to make the thing too "serious", and intensive at once, let's play and be silly a bit. Let's relax our lady for a moment, preparing her for the deeper diving later.


I am leaving the fingering, kissing the bush (it's desirable to have some, even a tiny one), and am starting to pat my lady's forehead, using
my cock.

I give her massage, since she needs a good circulation in her head, and more oxygen in brain, for the diving later.

Tapping her hair on the poll, I feel the bliss touching with my cock those warm and soft curls, and "he"'s becoming even harder, and the sound change.

I can't resist the scent of her hair and am beginning to roll my cock in in these waves. Mmmm...what a pleasure, what a dear intimacy. I cares her ear, and in the moment I feel the seed of the blaze of the coming explosion moving from my gut. I almost see my sperm gushing over her hair, and now I am the one needing more oxygen.

I slide the cock out, breathing deeply, since I don't want to come this way. He is hot, and hard, and I have to cool him down, so I use him like a fan wagging up and down in front of my lady's face. She smiles, and sometimes I accidently hit her nose, cooling this guy down.

She wants to trick me, trying to snap him by her mouth, but I don't give up. This crazy cock of mine is still too hot and I would come in no time, if I'd allow her to realize her plan. I have an other one...

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